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European Championship wing cars 2004
Kouvola, Finland 16-19 September


All G-7 cars
All cars before qualifying

The qualifying in the G-7 class was as close as the G-27 had been. The times were fast but not as fast as some had expected. During practice on wednesday (I believe) they noticed that the voltage changed during the day and they had to replace their power supply with a similar one but they could not adjust the voltage in the same way to 16 volts as they can with their own so qualifying was done below 15 volts.
Fastest was Mario Schöne recording a 1,609 lap.
So far down as the 11:th in qualifying did also record a 1,6x lap time.
1. Mario Schöne   1,609
2. Jari Porttinen 1,611
3. Vladimir Horky 1,613

Mario Schöne Mario Schönes qualifying car
Mario Schöne and his tq car

Example of some type of chassis used

G-7 steel chassi
Steel chassi

G-7 Kimmo chassi
Kimmo Rautama design aluminum chassi

G-7 Rolf Lundberg chassi
Rolf Lundberg aluminum chassi

G-7 Slick 7 chassi
Slick7 aluminum chassi

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