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IMCA Nats 2004


The IMCA Nats 2004 is ongoing. The first race was the G-7 race in Uden, Holland on Tuesday 24:th of August followed by racing on Wednesday and Thursday until the show went on to Aalst in Belgium for the last three days of racing.
This is the final race of J.P van Rossem's international racing but let's hope we will see a continue of racing so it does not stop here.

For the G-7 race an impressive U.S line-up was present with Paul "Beuf" Pedersen as the main favorite. Other well known U.S racers were P.A Watson, Paul Ciccarello, Skinner, Benny Justice, Les Wright, Forrest Watchers and Larry Blanton.
John  Emmons and Joe Reid were also present helping the Belgium squad.
Fresh information can be found at the IMCA web site.

From New Zealand came a lot of racers that I only had read about before and now I got the chance to meet them.
As always in international racing Gugu, from Brazil, was there. 

Benny Justice
Benny Justice feel asleep despite knowing that Gugu is in the house. He was not alone falling

Bennys car
Benny Justices car looks good
Box 12
Box 12 line up before qualifying

Paul Ciccarello
Paul Ciccarello makes a motor change during the one minute lane change in the Box 12 main

Production 12 1-2-3
Production 12.
From left to right: 2:nd place Antonin Vojtik. Winner Josef Korec and 3:rd place Einari Fyhr
(Note. I might remember wrong with second and third place)

This racing, as mentioned earlier, started on Tuesday and went on to Sunday. The first race was G-7 wing cars followed by Box 12 wing car and Open 12 scale. Thursday was Nascar with Pla-Fit type of chassis. Then they leave Uden and travels to Aalst for the model racing.
I was there for the first two days of racing arriving on Monday and leaving on Thursday. That meant that after the whole week of scale racing in Lund only five days at work and then back into racing with to little sleep again. Some drivers, like the Swede Michael Landrud, is doing all races while other show up early in the week or late.


The G-7 wing car race was won by Mario Schöne, Germany, in front of  Paul Ciccarello and Paul "Beuf" Pedersen, USA.

Box stock 12

Beuf won in front of Vladimir Horky and Josef Korec from the Czech Republic.

Production 24

All 60 drivers qualified and they all ran finals were the most laps counted. The winner came from the top eight qualifier group and the second and third from the 9-16 group.
Josef Korec won in front of Antonin Vojtik, both from the Czech Republic. In third was Einari Fyhr, Finland  (Note. I might be wrong concerning the second and third).

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