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ISRA 2004 World Championship Scale Cars

The ISRA 2004 World Championship started on saturday the seventh of August with open practice for non Swedish racers and ended the next saturday 14:th of August with the Eurosport 24 main. Between that the days were full of activity.
When I got there I had the intention of walking around and talking with people and also to sit down and do a lot of preparation for the upcoming IMCA races and also for the European Championship for wing cars.
I did mentioned that for the Finnish racer Einari Fyhr who just looked at me and said that I won't get any time for that. I did not, then, understand what he meant but when he a week later said
- " I told you so" he was spot on.

Sunday was scheduled practice were all drivers did one lane and then the next lane. In some classes there were 11 practice groups so you drove one heat. Then you marshal one and then back to pits for some modifications.
When you had done all lanes like that you went to the next class and did the same routine and then the next class and so on.
That Sunday was probably the most intense of the days.

I was focused on my racing and I did not take any notes but I did have the camera with me.
For results and other information you can look at the official ISRA site.

Before the race I had started to understand the amount of work the organizers had done but  not really fully. To organize a wing car race is nothing compared to this.

Lets stop reading and look at some images.

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