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Finnish Championship in Kouvola, Finland

Both Jari Porttinen and Leo Hongisto were among the top runners from the beginning. There were a lot of broken gears as well as lost magnets which caused grief for many. That is the main reason for low lap totals in some segments.
The race was close and became closer at the end where Leo was chasing hard almost catching Jari. When the power was of the difference for Leo up to Jari was only.. Well, you can se that for yourself in the picture below.
Difference between Jari and Leo
Jari's car closest to the camera with Leo's car in the background

After the race we understood that Leo had a two lap penalty for yelling or illegal STOP (I don't really understand how you can distinguish, among Finnish racers, who is yelling or just talking normal).

Hannu Results small
Hannu Laitinen, race director               Click on image for main results




1998-2004 Lasse Åberg