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1/32 Nats in Stenungsund, Sweden

Results and images supplied by Jan Andersson

During Saturday 14:th of February MK Stenung in Stenungsund hosted their annual 1/32 Nats at their historical Hasse track which has been in the same location since 1974.
The track, wiring and type of power source has been virtually unchanged during the time which makes this venue interesting since it shows you how the development of cars, tires and driver skill has progressed.

The track has four lanes and the race is raced with a Swedaxi computing system and the move ups is done to the good old Arco type of doing it.

All cars All cars after technical inspection.

Production. The cars.

Production top4
Production. From left to right:
2:nd place Stefan Törnfeldt. Winner Michael Landrud.3:rd Janne Ekman
4:th Mikael Gustavsson

F1 cars
Formula. The cars

The drivers
Formula From left to right:
2:nd Kenneth Signal. Winner Michel Landrud. 3:rd Mats Andersson and
4:th Kent Lundström.

The cars
Eurosport cars

The drivers
Eurosport. From left to right:
2:nd Mats Andersson. Winner Stefan Törnfeldt. 3:rd Janne Ekman and
4:th Michael Landrud.

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