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Scale Nats 2004

Hörby, Sweden 10-11 April

Spring time the day before Scale Nats

Lasse Harrysson and MHF Hörby arranged Scale Nats. The 1/24 classes Production, Open 12 and Eurosport were raced on saturday and the 1/32 classes Formula and Eurosport on sunday.

A beautiful Formula 1/32 car from one of the Danish drivers

Production 1/24

In Production Anders Gustafson topped the qualifying 4,895 and behind him was Lasse Åberg 5,506 with Mikael Gustavsson in third 5,534.
In the main Anders Gustafson took the lead. After the third heat Michael Landrud went into the lead and held in to the finish.

1/24 Production cars

Camera in camera
Just another shoot of the cars and cameras

Production 1/24 top three
Production 1/24. From left to right: second  place Anders Gustafson. Winner Michael Landrud and third place Lasse Harrysson.

1. Michael Landrud  185
2. Anders Gustafson 180
3. Lars Harrysson   179
4. Lars Åberg       178
5. Thomas Mortensen 169
6. Wictor Wideheim  168

TQ Anders Gustafson 5.446

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