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SSC Evening race #10 17:th of May

Only six drivers showed up – maybe the weather was too nice – for some racing so we decided that the quarter and main would each have three drivers competing.


In spite that the second, third and fourth quickest in qualifying – (average level of performance) – in our club did drive, none manage to get under 4 seconds. Maybe the uneven grip of the track was the reason. We had no good explanation for the modest results. But the grip did later on cause some strange problems on certain lanes, especially in the quarters. Torgny Lundmark won however the qualifications with a time just above four seconds.

1. Torgny Lundmark         4.013
2. Marcus Hammenstad       4.082
3. Michel Lorin            4.101
4. Torgny Nordgren         4.139
5. Mats Hummel             4.152
6. Peter Lantz             4.324


Torgny Nordgren won quarter B with 151,30 laps.
Torgny Lundmark quarter A with 158,3 laps.
These two and Mats Hummel went to the A-main. Marcus Hammenstad missed out the A-main as he had some mechanical problems with his car.

B Main

In the B main Marcus Hammenstad soon established a safe lead and started to play around in the last segment. Peter Lantz had once again problems with an ill handling car and withdraws from the race.

A Main

In the A main Torgny Lundmark on reed took an early lead, but lost a braid and at least 6 laps while replacing it. Torgny Lundmark started a chase and passed Mats Hummel in the third segment and went closer and closer to Torgny Nordgren. In the end Torgny N. managed to hold on strong, drive safely without mistakes and had his first and well deserved victory in the Saloon-cup. A very happy man after the race!

1. Torgny Nordgren     243.3        25
2. Torgny Lundmark     240.6        21
3. Mats Hummel         235.7        18
4. Marcus Hammenstad   228.3        17
5. Michel Lorin        219.3        16
6. Peter Lantz         100,0        15




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