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SSC Evening race #11 6:th of September 2004

The first Saloon race after the summer and eight drivers and some spectators went down into SSC's cellar for some racing. This was not, however, the first race after the summer. Last Monday the Nascar's were on the track. Results can be seen on SSC's site with a direct link to the results here.


Kenth Jansson, third to qualify, turned a sub 4 second lap, 3.991 but was alone there until the last qualifier, Lasse Åberg, who managed a 3.922 lap.
Marcus Hammenstad was third 4.017.
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After the fifth heat in the quarter B there was no power to the track. After some checking it seemed that one of the two Rivergate power supplies broke down which can be a result of a broken fan. We already suspected it was broken but had not had any problem. After disconnecting it we got power back and could race the last heat.
Quarter B was won by Michel Lorin 157.30 laps. Second Torgny Lundmark 156.60. Third Peter Lantz 137.30 and fourth Mats Hummel 137.
Mats was the first one to race on blue and yellow lane and blue was way to much grip for Mats car.

Quarter A was won by Lasse Åberg 170.80 in front of Mikael Eskilsson 165.80. In third Kenth Jansson 157.30 and in fourth Marcus Hammenstad 154.30.

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B Main

Marcus and Mats took the lead in the first heat with Torgny, starting on red lane, two laps behind.
In the second heat Torgny took the lead and held on to it until the end.

1. Torgny Lundmark   239.20
2. Marcus Hammenstad 235.70
3. Mats Hummel       232.40
4. Peter Lantz       202.40

B main results here.

A Main

Lasse and Mikael took a one lap lead ahead of Michel Lorin  who was one lap ahead of Kenth.
In the second heat Lasse pulled out a one lap lead over Mikael who was able to extend his lead over Michel who was passed by Kenth.
Third heat saw Lasse take another three lap. Mikael, Kenth and Michel all drove the same amount of laps.
Mikael had done fast lap times and now continued to be the fastest on the track, not much, but fastest. All drivers did record more or less the same amount of laps in the last three heats.
Lasse, Mikael and Kenth all drove 128 laps the last three heats and Michel 127 laps.

The drivers laps the first three heat was what determined the end results.

1. Lasse Åberg      260.70
2. Mikael Eskilsson 256.00
3. Kenth Jansson    253.00
4. Michel Lorin     250.30

A main results here.




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