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SSC Evening race #13 4:th of October

13 drivers showed up. Not a bad omen.


Business as usual you might say. Well, not really. Michel Lorin who has been qualifying well for some time now was in the lead. The last to qualify was Olle Söderholm and once again he topped the chart with a 3,892 lap but it was close with Michel in second on 3,902 and Mikael Eskilsson in third 3,917.
Six drivers went below four seconds.
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Quarter B was won by Mats Hummel  with 161,30
Second was Kenth Jansson  157,30 and in third Torgny Nordgren 156,80.
These three drivers together with Ove Halvarsson was in the top all the way.

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Quarter A was close for the move up. It was won by Lasse Åberg 165,30 in front of Marcus Hammenstad 164,20 and in third Olle Söderholm 163,40. Fourth was Michel Lorin 161,70 and in fifth Torgny Lundmark 161,60.
The top five went to the A main.  Mikael Eskilsson 161,20,  just missed the A main.

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B Main

Kenth Jansson went to the lead from the first heat and won in front of Ove Halvarsson. In third we find Peter Lantz who did recover from a slow qualifying.
Kenth 236,20. Ove 233,70. Peter 224,80.
Robin and Pher, from Västerås, has not driven much on the track and came just prior to the race but despite that they performed well and got quicker and quicker. Pher replaced Mikael Eskilsson but without getting the points.
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A Main

Michel Lorin surprised some by taking the initial lead one lap ahead of a quartet of Mats Hummel, Lasse Åberg, Torgny Lundmark and Marcus Hammenstad. Olle Söderholm was in sixth.

In the second heat Mats went into the lead, 83 laps, in front of Michel Lorin 82. In third was Torgny Lundmark, Marcus and Olle with 81 laps and in sixth Lasse Åberg 80.

Third heat and we lost one of the front runners. Mats is still in the lead on 123 laps. Michel and Olle 122. Lasse 121. Torgny 120. Marcus spun a gear and to many laps was lost.

In the fourth the next front runner was gone. Olle stopped after his motor was out.
Mats is now sharing the lead with Michel on 164 laps. Lasse 163 and Torgny 160.
Marcus was fastest but his to far away.

In the fifth heat Mats, Michel and Lasse all drives 41 laps and in the lead is Mats and Michel 205. Lasse 204. Torgny 198. Marcus is again the fastest with 42 laps.

In the last heat Mats, Lasse and Torgny all drive 42 laps with Michel on 41 which means that Mats Hummel takes the win in front of Michel and Lasse

1. Mats Hummel        247,60
2. Michel Lorin       246,60
Lasse Åberg        246,30
Torgny Lundmark    240,00
5. Marcus Hammenstad  235,00

6. Olle Söderholm     136.00

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