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SSC Evening race #15 at the 1:st of November

This evening we were 11 cars at the start.


Five drivers under 4 seconds.
The first one to qualify was Kenth Jansson who did a good 3,949 time. Driver after driver qualified. Marcus came close with a 3,958 lap but Kenth was still in the lead. The second driver from the end was Olle Söderholm and we now know the story but, not this time. It's now time to rebuild that motor and Kenth, after a break from our monday racing was now back in the top.
1. Kenth Jansson     3,949
2. Marcus Hammenstad 3,958
3. Lasse Åberg       3,968

Torgny Nordgen drove a 3,977 lap which was his first time below four seconds and it placed him fourth.
More results from qualifying here.


B was won by Mikael Eskilsson on 162,80, in front of Torgny Lundmark 160,80 and Michel Lorin 157,20. In fourth was Peter Lantz 133,80 and in fifth Björn Säfström 119,40.

A was won by Marcus Hammenstad 162,70, followed by Lasse Åberg 162,20, Kenth Jansson 160,00. In fourth was Torgny Nordgen 157,80.  Olle Söderholm 153.00 fifth after losing a tire and sixth Ove Halvarsson 152,80.

As you can see something unordinary happened. The quarter B winner was fastest overall and also the second placed moved to the A main.

All in this quarter went to the A main.
Results Quarter B, Quarter A

B Main

Ove Halvarsson went into the lead on  40 laps followed by Michel Lorin on 36 laps and Peter Lantz on 35.
Ove held his lead on Michel until the fifth heat when a soldering joint broke on the motor causing the spur gear to give up. That was all Michel needed to take the lead.
Olle had, I guess, a somewhat boring race with a motor that went from slow to painfully slow. He managed to get into second place. Peter Lantz came home in third.

1. Michel Lorin   230,40
2. Olle Söderholm 219,40
3. Peter Lantz    207,60
4. Ove Halvarsson 194,00
5. Björn Säfström 164,80

B-main results here.

A Main

This main got really tight. After the first heat Lasse Åberg was in a one lap lead ahead of Torgny Lundmark and  Torgny Nordgren.

When second heat was run Lasse was still in a one lap lead in front of  Torgny Nordgren and three laps ahead of Mikael Eskilsson.

After the third heat and the half of the main done Mikael Eskilsson was now in a one lap lead ahead of Lasse and Torgny Nordgren. Mikael had two laps on Marcus in fourth.

Fourth heat saw Marcus in a shared lead with Lasse and Mikael and Torgny Nordgren now one lap behind. Four heats and four different leaders and two heats to go.

Fifth heat and Lasse breaks away to a two lap lead followed by a trio of Mikael Eskilsson, Marcus Hammenstad and Torgny Nordgren.

Sixth and last heat. We had a difference of two laps between first and fourth. That shrunk down to exactly one lap between the first four.
When the heat was over the winner was our new member of the three second club, Torgny Nordgren.

1. Torgny Nordgren   248,30
2. Lasse Åberg       248,00
3. Marcus Hammenstad 247,40
4. Mikael Eskilsson  247,30
5. Torgny Lundmark   241,40
6. Kenth Jansson     234,30

This season has seen five different winners of the Saloon evening races. Still two races to go.

A-main results here.



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