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SSC Evening race #16 at the 15:th of November

This rainy fall night eight drivers lined up for some Saloon racing.


Four drivers below 4 seconds.
Marcus Hammenstad took home the qualifying with one of Mats Hummels motors. Marcus best time was a 3,928 lap. He was closely followed by Torgny Lundmark on 3,937. Then it was a gap down to Lasse Åberg and Mikael Eskilsson.
1. Marcus Hammenstad 3,958
2. Torgny Lundmark   3,968

More results from qualifying here.


B was won by Michel Lorin on 164,60, in front of Mats Hummel 160,70. In third was Peter Lantz 146,80 and in fourth P-J Kronsberg 138,40.

A was won by Lasse Åberg 169,00, followed by Mikael Eskilsson 166,20.
Marcus Hammenstad 166,10 and Torgny Lundmark 165,00.
All in this quarter went to the A main.

Results Quarter B, Quarter A

B Main

In the quarter B, which had the same drivers, Mats there took an early lead on lane three against Michel on lane one. Michel came back to win that quarter B.
Here, in the B main, the start from Mats on lane three was not as good as in the quarter and he and Michel were tied to the lead after the first heat.  They still shared the lead after the fourth heat but then Mats was able to pull away to a win. So the order was reversed.

1. Mats Hummel   239,00
2. Michel Lorin  237,00
3. Peter Lantz   220,70
4. P-J Kronberg  215,30

B-main results here.

A Main

This season we have had five different winners and the stage was set for a sixth one.

Torgny Lundmark had the lead in the first two heats until he went to lane one, red, where Lasse were able to pass him. Behind them Marcus were catching up after a slow first heat and before the last heat Marcus were up in second place but ending on lane one and when you're chased hard is not that easy. He got passed by Torgny Lundmark. In fourth was Mikael Eskilsson.

1. Lasse Åberg       254,40
Torgny Lundmark   250,80
3. Marcus Hammenstad 250,10
4. Mikael Eskilsson  249,10

A-main results here.

Due to the lack of marshalls we raced four drivers in each main and then compared the laps. This did not change the order.
Here is the total list.



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