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SSC Evening race #17 the 29:th of November

Mikael Eskilsson was absent from this race on good grounds. He's newly married.
Congratulations to him from us all

Eleven drivers at the starting line. One interested showed up, got a controller in his hand and raced.
Peter Bergqvist
Enter the building and you enter the race
Peter Bergqvist


Five drivers below 4 seconds.
Marcus Hammenstad, as the first to qualify, went below the four second mark, 3,962 and was the time to beat.
Torgny Lundmark was the second driver who went below with a 3,872 lap and no one was able to beat that. In second was Olle Söderholm, 3,919 and in third Torgny Nordgren 3,947.
1. Torgny Lundmark   3,872
2. Olle Söderholm    3,919
3. Torgny Nordgren   3,927

More results from qualifying here.


B was won by Mats Hummel, 156,85, one lap ahead of Michel Lorin 155,25. That lap gave Mats a place in the A main.

A was won by Kenth Jansson 167,85 in front of Lasse Åberg 167,80. In third Torgny Nordgren 166. Marcus Hammenstad 163,50. Torgny Lundmark 163,30.
Olle lost a wheel in the first heat and finished on 150,90.

Results Quarter B, Quarter A

B Main

In main B Olle took the initial lead in front of Michel Lorin. In the second heat Olle lost some ground on red lane. Something strange happened when his car stopped but nothing was found and then it worked again!
Olle and Michel had a close battle throughout the B main and in the end they both finished on the same lap.
Third and fourth Peter Lantz and P-J Kronberg who had their own battle.
Behind them came Peter Bergqvist which has, as far as I know, never seen a Saloon car ever before.

A funny note to this. Four-five years ago the petrol chain Shell hosted some home set racing on gas stations the same day as Formula 1 racing was on. I visited some stations to race but was beaten at the Shell Globen gas station in Stockholm. I was surprised over the speed the winner had and I remembered his face.
Now I have a name to the face. Peter Bergqvist. I wonder if Mats can dig up the Ninco for some revenge :-)

1. Olle Söderholm  235,80
2. Michel Lorin    235,25
3. Peter Lantz     223,35
4. P-J Kronberg    220,85
5. Peter Bergqvist 215,15

B-main results here.

A Main

This season we have had five different winners and the stage was set for a sixth one.

Marcus Hammenstad went into the lead followed by Torgny Lundmark and Lasse Åberg.
In the second heat and third heat Kent Jansson stormed through the field after a poor start on red lane.

Halfway and in first place Kenth Jansson and Torgny Lundmark on 125 laps. Lasse Åberg on 123, Marcus Hammenstad 121, Torgny Nordgren 120.
Mats Hummel had a car that was everything but forgiving and was in distant sixth.

In the fourth heat Kenth, on yellow, was fast by did not get that many laps. Torgny Lundmark was now in the lead on 166 followed by Lasse on 165, Kenth 164, Marcus 163 and Torgny Nordgren 161.

Fifth heat tightened everything as the leader were on red lane while the pack had their best results during the main.
Lasse was now in the lead 208 followed closely by the duo of Kenth and Torgny L both on 207. Not far behind Marcus on 206. Torgny N had now lost contact on 201.
Sixth heat saw Kenth take a lap on Torgny Lundmark who secured his third place ahead of Marcus Hammenstad.

1. Lasse Åberg        251,80
Kenth Jansson      248,60
3. Torgny Lundmark    247,70
4. Marcus Hammenstad  245,10
5. Torgny Nordgren    241,40
6. Mats Hummel        219,70

A-main results here.

How much paint is enough I wonder?
Opaque or?
Like this?
If you can see everything it's easier to work on the car. Right?



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