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SSC Evening race #1 12:th of January 2004

Early January. We did not expect that many drivers to show up but they proved us wrong. 14 drivers at the start line this Monday evening. 


Torgny Lundmark took home the qualifying 3,882. Second was Olle Söderholm, 3,907 with Mikael Eskilsson in third 3,964.
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Quarter C was won by Mikael Sundgren in front of Peter Lantz and P-J Kronberg 

Quarter B was won by Kenth Jansson in front of Ove Halvarsson and Lars Åberg.

Quarter A was won by Torgny Lundmark, Olle Söderholm and Mikael Eskilsson.

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B Main

Conny Johansson took an early lead in front of Marcus Hammenstad. After the third heat Mats Hummel and Torgny Nordgren joined into the battle. When the race was over Mats Hummel was on top in front of Marcus who was just an inch in front of Torgny Nordgren.

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Please note that second and third placed driver are in the wrong order. Marcus second and Torgny third.

A Main

Lasse Åberg took an early lead. In the third heat Olle Söderholm cached up with Mikael Eskilsson one lap behind. In the fourth heat Lasse got the body into the gear and lost some ground.
No one could follow in Olles pace and he won comfortably in front of Mikael Eskilsson with the pole setter Torgny Lundmark in third.

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Please note that Mikael Eskilsson should have had eight more laps in the third heat.

The first race of the season is over. Noticable is how even the two mains are.
Next race is next Monday. Then it's the G-27 cars to hit the track followed by Nascar's on Tuesday.

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