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SSC Evening race #2. 26:th of  January

18 drivers showed up for this weeks Monday race which is quite a good starting field considering Monday traffic in the capitol of Sweden.
Suggestions came up that we should change the start time from 18,30 to 19,00 to avoid some of the traffic. Voting was done and starting with the next saloon race the new time will be used.


We did not clean the track before this race instead we used the grip from the Saturday Sveslot races. We just sprayed on some new grip on top of the existing one.

Early on it did not look to be a fast qualifying. Conny Johansson asked it the track was bad but we just said wait. Wait until Olle has been driving we said. When Olle had been driving the track was okay. Already on his first two laps he drove below 4 seconds.
TQ was Olle Söderholm, 3,824 with Lasse Åberg in second, 3,939 and Torgny Lundmark in third with 3,983.

More results here. (in pdf-format)

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

P-J won quarter final C in front of Michel Lorin and Björn Säfström from Västerås. Peter Lantz was fourth and just one lap behind him came a new member in SSC, Peter Filipsson.
The junior driver Jens Andersson retired in sixth place.
Quarter C results here.

The B quarter started close were the difference between first and last were less than two laps after the first heat.
Torgny Nordgren won this quarter with enough laps to move him up to the A main.
Torbjörn Lundkvist drove to second place with Mikael Sundgren in third.
Ove Halvarsson were half of a lap behind Sundgren and on the same lap as Ove we saw Conny Johansson. In sixth place was Niklas Nordgren who has been absent for a while.
The drivers from second to sixth
moved all to the main B.
Quarter B results here.

In the quarter A Lasse Åberg won in front of Torgny Lundmark and Olle Söderholm.
In fourth place were Rickard Lundh followed by Mikael Eskilsson. These five drivers went to the A main. In sixth place, moving to the B main, was Mats Hummel.
Quarter A results here.

Main B

Ove Halvarsson and Conny Johansson went into the lead after the first heat followed by Mats Hummel. The second heat was close with the exception of Mats Hummel who went into the lead and Niklas Nordgren who suffered a gear failure due to a motor coming loose.
Mats went on to win the Main B with a lap total that was only two laps below of a third place in the A main. In second place came Ove Halvarsson and in third Conny Johansson.
Main B results here

Main A

Olle Söderholm won the first heat one lap ahead of Torgny Nordgren and two laps ahead of the duo of Mikael Eskilsson and  Richard Lundh. In fifth was Torgny Lundmark and in sixth Lasse Åberg.
 In the second heat Olle were the fastest together with Lasse and with Torgny just behind.
In heat three Torgny and Lasse were able to gain one lap on Olle but Olle was still in the lead with Torgny in second.
Fourth heat saw some crashes and Olle lost out in one of them which meant that he and Lasse shared the lead.
Fifth heat were even and they both shared the lead.
In the sixth and last heat Olle had the difficult red lane against Lasse's easier white lane which proved to be the difference.
Behind them Torgny Nordgren came in third place with Michael Eskilsson close behind.
Fifth and sixth place were also close and there Richard took fifth in front of Torgny Lundmark in sixth.

Main A results here



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