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SSC Saloon Evening race #3 9:th of  February

16 drivers showed up for this weeks Monday race.


Rickard Lundh took home a qualifying that saw six drivers below 4 seconds.
Rickards best time was a 3,871 lap in front of Marcus Hammenstad 3,890 and Mikael Eskilsson 3,914.
More results here

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

Mikael Sundgren won this quarter ahead of newcomer Peter Filipsson and in third place we had (almost a newcomer) Michel Lorin.
The first two had laps enough to elevate them into the B Main.
Quarter C results here.

Torgny Nordgren, 162,85, narrowly won ahead of Kenth Jansson 162,80, Conny Johansson and P-J Kronberg.
Torgny moved to the A Main and Kenth, Conny and P-J to the B Main.
Quarter B results here.

Mikael Eskilsson won in front of Richard Lundh, Lars Åberg, Marcus Hammenstad, Mats Hummel and Olle Söderholm. The first five moved into the A main together with the Torgny N.
Olle missed out the A main despite excellent results. His total was 162,40.
Quarter A results here.

This evening had probably the fastest and closest quarters for a long time

Main B

Olle took the lead right away and pulled away to a 10 lap win in front of Kenth Jansson and Conny Johansson.

Main B results here

Main A

Marcus Hammenstad took of like he was afraid to miss his mail. (internal joke). He shared the lead after the first head with Torgny Nordgren. One lap behind them were Richard Lundh and Mats Hummel.

After the second heat Marcus and Mikael Eskilsson shared the lead with a two laps cushion to the next three drivers.

Third heat and Mikael went into a three lap lead. Behind him three drivers chased hard.

Mikael was able to hold the lead until the end but the gap was just a lap.
In third and fourth place Marcus and Mats chased hard. Marcus were in front until the last 5-6 seconds when he fell off.
Mats, unfortunately could stop and crashed into Marcus car. Lasse Åberg then crashed into Mats car and the main was over. Mats passed Marcus due to Marcus crash and that Lasse hit Mats car and pushed it a few decimeters on the straight. That was how close they were.

We have now had three Saloon races and also three different top qualifiers as well as three different winners in the main.
Will it be four?

Main A results here



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