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SSC Evening race #4 23:rd of February

A 12 car starting field. 

Some of the cars
Some of the cars. The late ones are missing

The Torgnys
Two of the late ones to tech inspection: Torgny Lundmark and Torgny Nordgen.
Mats Hummel is collecting the doe


Marcus Hammenstad was the first one to break the four second barrier with a 3,946 laps which at the end was good for a second place.
Halfway through the qualifying Mats Hummel was up and turned a 3,955 lap good for third place.
After him it was Mikael Eskilsson. He drove a 3,962 lap which placed him in fourth place.
Last time pole setter Rickard Lundh could not beat them. So who was it then?
Last up to qualify was Torgny Lundmark. His first remark was -"The track is slippery" then he drove several good laps and at the end his best lap was 3,835 (Have we got a new Olle trend starting here?)
Complete results here.

Torgny Lundmark
Pole setter Torgny Lundmark doing the last adjustments to one
of the newcomers car


Quarter B was won by Mikael Sundgren after a consistent run which gave him a place in the A Main.

Quarter A saw a close trio and was won by Mats Hummel in front of Mikael Eskilsson, Marcus Hammenstad, Rickard Lundh, Torgny Lundmark and Torgny Nordgen. The first five moved to the A Main.

Click to see more of the results from the  Quarter-B and Quarter-A  

Main B

Lasse Åberg took in the first heat a one lap lead in front of Torgny Nordgren with Michel Lorin in third place. This was also the order at the end.
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Main A

Pole setter Torgny Lundmark was quickest after the first heat with Mikael Eskilsson in second and Marcus Hammenstad in third. In the second heat Mikael Eskilsson took over the lead and he did never let anyone else get close to him. Marcus was in second and Torgny and Mats sharing third place.
In the third heat Mikael was quickest again. Marcus had a tire failure and Mats and Torgny followed each other.
In the fourth heat the top four drivers scored a lot of laps. Mats took second place.
In the fifth and sixth heat Rickard was able to pass Torgny for third place.
Behind the top four Marcus tried to fix his car but had to give up and Mikael Sundgren drove a steady race until his gear gave up in the last heat.

Mikael Eskilsson  246,40
Mats Hummel       236,60
Rickard Lundh     233,20
Torgny Lundmark   231,80
Mikael Sundgren   195,00   DNF
Marcus Hammenstad 144      DNF

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Mikael Eskilsson
The winner, Mikael Eskilsson, checks "TQ Lundmark"s car

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