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SSC Evening race #6 22:nd of March

13 driver on the grid sounded as a bad omen. Was it so?
Well, even before the race we had a fire. An electro static discharge from a cleaning rag combined with petrol did it. No problem really.
Spraying the track with a mixture of glue and and a grease dissolve of some kind (by mistake)  instead of petrol (pure, chemical) was cool. The cars was very easy to clean afterwards and the track was so shiny :-)


Torgny Lundmark took home yet another qualifying 3,825 in front of Olle Söderholm 3,866 with Mikael Eskilsson in third 3,952. A total of five driver went below four seconds.
More results here.

The top two cars from qualifying
The top two cars from qualifying

Bjarne Lilliendahl
Our race director, Bjarne Lilliendahl


We used round robin in Quarter B

Quarter B was won by Kenth Jansson 165,30 which moved him into the A Main.
In second was Lasse Åberg and in third Torgny Nordgren.
More results here.

Quarter A was won by Olle Söderholm in front of Marcus Hammenstad, Mats Hummel, Torgny Lundmark, Mikael Eskilsson and Conny Johansson. The first five went into the A Main. Conny in sixth came into wrong lane and retired.

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B Main

Lasse Åberg took the lead in the first heat in front of Torgny Nordgren and P-J Kronberg. This was also how the race ended.
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A Main

The A main cars
The cars in the A main

The drivers in the A Main
The drivers in the A main. From left to right:
Olle Söderholm, Marcus Hammenstad, Mats Hummel, Torgny Lundmark, Kent Jansson and Mikael Eskilsson

This main was really close for the first heats.
After the first heat Mats Hummel and Mikael Eskilsson had a one lap lead in front of Olle Söderholm, Marcus Hammenstad and Kenth Jansson with Torgny Lundmark one lap behind them.
After the second heat Mats Hummel was alone in the lead with 84 laps. Behind him were Mikael Eskilsson and Torgny Lundmark, both with 83 laps. Last now were Olle, Marcus and Kenth on 82 laps.
Only two laps separating all six drivers.
Olle was quick in the third heat and took the lead on 126 laps in front of Marcus Hammenstad and Mikael Eskilsson 124 laps. Torgny had 123 and Mats 122 laps. In this heat Olle and Marcus went form last to first and second.
Halfway and into the fourth heat. Now we saw a few crashes. The marshals had had almost nothing to do so far.
Olle kept the lead with 168 laps in front of a trio with 165 laps. Torgny, Mats and Marcus. Kenth had 164 and Mikael 163.
Fifth heat. Olle 210, Marcus 207, Torgny 205, Kenth 204, Mats and Mikael 203.
In the last heat Marcus was fast but couldn't really catch Olle.

Olle Söderholm     252,40
Marcus Hammenstad  251,40
Kenth Jansson      246,20
Mats Hummel        244,80
Mikael Eskilsson   244,20
Torgny Lundmark    241,80

This was the closest battle we have seen so far in the history of SSC´s evening races in the Saloon category.

Marcus and Olle
The top two. Second placed Marcus Hammenstad and winner, Olle Söderholm

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