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SSC Evening race #7 5:th of April

We had eleven drivers in the field tonight. Kenth Jansson could have been the 12:th driver but unfortunately his back problem was to severe for him tonight.


Olle Söderholm topped the qualifying with a 3,853 lap in front of Lasse Åberg's 3,882 and, the surprise, Peter Lantz 3,905. This was Peter's first qualifying below the 4 second mark.
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Quarter B was won by Mikael Eskilsson in front of Rickard Lundh. These two went to the A Main. In third was Torgny Nordgren followed by Michel Lorin and P-J Kronberg.

Quarter A was won by by Lasse Åberg in front of  Olle Söderholm, Mats Hummel and Torgny Lundmark. These four drivers jointed Rickard and Mikael in the A main.
To the B Main went Marcus Hammenstad and Peter Lantz.

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B Main

The first heat was close with the exception of Peter Lantz who had difficulties. From the second heat and onwards Marcus Hammenstad and Torgny Nordgren ran close. Behind them a duo of P-J Kronberg and Michel Lorin had a good battle.
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A Main

Olle took the lead right away and after turning 44 laps on yellow he looked certain to win the race but Mikael Eskilsson who trailed him took back three laps the last heat and they both ended on the same lap.
In third was Lasse Åberg followed by Mats Hummel, Torgny Lundmark and Rickard Lundh who stopped in the last head after losing his motor in a collision.

1. Olle Söderholm   252,50
2. Mikael Eskilsson 252,00
3. Lasse Åberg      250,70
4. Mats Hummel      244,40
5. Torgny Lundmark  239,20
6. Rickard Lundh    232,00

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In the total standings Mikael Eskilsson is still in the lead followed by Olle Söderholm and Mats Hummel.
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