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SSC Evening race #8 19:th of April

The weekend had been sunny and this Monday also had some good weather so that only nine drivers were on the start line were not that unexpected.
When we glued, sprayed the track we once again got that funny grip. It is clear that we do have different kind of fuel that we mix the glue (tire traction) with and that it makes a difference.


The surprise in the qualifying was Michel Lorin who early on drove a 3,991 lap. Mikael Eskilsson drove 15 laps in the qualifying. Every lap faster than the one before and at the end he was in the lead with a 3,962 lap. The last qualifier up was Olle Söderholm. His first lap was a 4,11 and the second lap a 3,827.
More results here.


We drove with four drivers in the Quarter B and Main B and five drivers in the Quarter A and Main A.

Peter Lantz retired early on. Marcus Hammenstad lost the motor and with no soldering iron on it takes some time to come back.
Quarter B was won by Torgny Nordgren in front of Marcus Hammenstad and Niklas Nordgren.

Quarter A was won by Lasse Åberg in front of Mikael Eskilsson and Torgny Lundmark. 
In fourth place was Olle Söderholm and in fifth Michel Lorin.
These five drivers went to the Main A.

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B Main

Marcus Hammenstad took of right from the start and won. Behind him Niklas Nordgen had to leave. Torgny Nordgrens motor? died.
Peter Lantz fixed some of the problem he had had and drove a consistent race.
Results here.

A Main

Lasse Åberg took the lead from red lane followed by Torgny Lundmark. Mikael Eskilsson and Olle Söderholm had a close race in third and fourth spot with Michel in fifth.
In the third heat Torgny to passed by  Mikael and Olle.
In the fourth heat Mikael were able to make a jump on Olle who responded back in the fifth heat and they were tied again going into the last heat.
In the last heat Olle were on the outer yellow which is a good lane but, you can find deslotted cars in the donut. I "think" both fell of at least once.

1. Lasse Åberg      255
2. Mikael Eskilsson 251,20
3. Olle Söderholm   250,80
4. Torgny Lundmark  244,40
5. Michel Lorin     231,10

Results here.

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