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SSC Evening race #9 3:rd of May

Nine drivers showed up for some racing where we decided that the B quarter and B main would have four drivers competing and the A would have five. 

Torbjörn Lundkvist, who is strong in Nascar, also raced tonight and had a good fight. 


Business as usual you might say. Olle Söderholm, once again, showed his superiority in qualifying despite having a car which look to be under powered. His time was 3,870.
In second place we found one of the other qualifiers Torgny Lundmark 3,928 and in third Kenth Jansson 3,962. A total of four drivers went below 4 seconds.
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Quarter B was won by Torgny Nordgren with 150,20. Remember that ,20.
Second was Michel Lorin and in third Peter Lantz.
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Quarter A was won by Lasse Åberg 166,40 in front of Olle Söderholm 165,30 and in third Mikael Eskilsson 164,80. Fourth was Torgny Lundmark 161,30 and in fifth Kenth Jansson 150,80.
The top five went to the A main and Torgny Nordgren missed the A main with just half of a lap. If we had been six in the main it would have been fine.

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B Main

The B main was tough and fun except for Peter Lantz who's car was put in wrong lane and could not continue. For Torgny Nordgren, Michel Lorin and Torbjörn Lundkvist it was a battle were the positions changed from heat to heat.
Before the last heat Torgny on yellow was in the lead with Lunkan on red in second place and Michel on white, in third. White is a better lane but is it enough.
No, not this time.
Torgny Nordgren took the win 235,90 in front of Michel Lorin 234,50 and in third Torbjörn Lundkvist 231,30.
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A Main

Like the B main the A main saw the drivers change positions from heat to heat.
Torgny Lundmark on 42 laps takes the front together with Olle Söderholm. One lap behind is Mikael Eskilsson and two laps behind Lasse Åberg and Kenth Jansson.
In the second heat it gets even closer!  On 82 laps is Torgny Lundmark, Kenth Jansson, Mikael Eskilsson and Lasse Åberg. Alone on 80 laps is Olle Söderholm.
After the third heat Kenth Jansson and Lasse is in the lead with 125 laps.  One lap behind is Mikael Eskilsson on 124. Olle 123 and Torgny 122.

In the fourth heat Mikael is fastest and takes the front together with Lasse. Both on 168 laps.
Olle and Kenth have both 166 laps and Torgny is on 164
Fifth heat and Lasse is in the lead with 211 laps followed by Mikael 210. Olle has 207.
Torgny 206  and Kenth after red lane had 204.
In the sixth heat Kenth on green passes Torgny on red.

1. Lasse Åberg      253,50
2. Mikael Eskilsson 251,60
3. Olle Söderholm   249,10
4. Kenth Jansson    245,80
5. Torgny Lundmark  243,60

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