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Sveslot round 1

Saloon Junior

In the semi-finals the pole setter Mikael Palmqvist was fastest. One of the pre favorites Evelina Axelsson had a gear failure which almost prevented her from reaching the main.

After the first heat in the main Mikael, on red and Jimmy Månström, on green, were in the lead two laps ahead of Evelina and Robin Lundmark.
In the second heat Mikael on green took the lead with Jimmy in second place and Evelina in third.
These three drivers kept their positions to the end.
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Full results list here.

Saloon Junior
From left to right: Evelina Axelsson, Mikael Palmqvist, Jimmy Månström

Saloon Senior

Michael Landrud was the fastest in the semi-finals followed by Ove Halvarsson.

In the main Michel Lorin, SSC, had the early lead but when the first heat was run Michael Landrud together with Torgny Nordgren, SSC, had the lead. One lap behind them was Mats Hummel, SSC. In fourth Ove Halvarsson two laps behind Mats. Kenth Jansson who started with fresh tires which did not give him any advantage were in fifth together with Michel Lorin.

Saloon Senior
First head of the main. From left to right:
Michael Landrud, Ove Halvarsson, Torgny Nordgren, Mats Hummel, Michel Lorin and Kenth Jansson

After the second heat Michael and Torgny were still together in the lead with Mats in second.
In the third heat Michael was able to take the lead three laps ahead of Torgny and Mats.

Fourth heat saw a surprise when Mats stormed to a two lap lead ahead of Michael. In third one lap behind Michael was Torgny.
In the fifth heat the order was changed again when Michael took the lead two laps in front of Mats who had Torgny one lap behind him.

In the sixth and last heat Michael and Mats drove the same amount of laps. Behind them Torgny secured a third place but we found Kenth of the same total laps. During the last four heats Kenth were the fastest and pulled back laps on the top three.

More main results here.
Full results list here.

Saloon Senior
From left to right: Mats Hummel, Michael Landrud and Torgny Nordgren

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