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Sveslot round 5, 3:rd of December 2004 Partille

Fifth and final round of Sveslot's Saloon Cup and the Open 12 and Eurosport classes.

Saloon Qualifying

Combined qualifying for junior- and senior drivers.
Despite walking with crutches Lasse Törn, 5,516 were fastest in front of Michael Landrud 5,550 and Thomas Schüler 5,626.

Saloon 1/24 Junior

10 drivers in the main running round robin.
Right from the start Eric Signal and Jonas Wågman took the lead.
Second heat and third heat they was still neck to neck. After the fourth heat  Eric was able to pull ahead to a three lap lead.
The three laps did not last for long since Eric took back two two laps in the fifth heat. In the sixth heat Jonas pulled back the last lap and they were even again.
Two heat to go. Eric takes two laps on Jonas in the seventh heat. 
In the eight heat Jonas responded and took back one of the two laps and finished just one lap behind Eric.

What a race.

Eric Signal       207,05
Jonas Wågman      206,05
Marcus Andersson  189,00
Robin Lundmark    187,20
Mikael Palmqvist  174,05
Martin Tenggren   162,50
Jimmy Nilsson     155,85
Daniel Ax         154,90
Emil Sällberg     127,20

Andreas Svensson  119

Marcus Andersson, Eric Signal, Jonas Wågman
Marcus Andersson, Eric Signal and Jonas Wågman

Saloon 1/24 Senior

In the senior main Michael Landrud and Lasse Åberg shared the lead after the first heat but then Michael just took of and instead the qualifying winner Lasse Törn joined Lasse Åberg for second place. Törn then pulled away into second place.
Mr. Berra had a good day fighting hard.
In the last two heats Åberg were able to pull back four laps on Törn who was in great pain due to his injured leg.

Michael Landrud   236,70
Lasse Åberg       229,95
Lasse Törn        229,85
Thomas Schüler    225,60
Kent Signal       222,50
Berra Ljungdahl   221,30
Jan Ekman         216,80
Ulf Törn          170,00

Lasse Åberg, Michael Landrud, Lasse Törn
Lasse Åberg, Michael Landrud and Lasse Törn

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