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ISRA 2004 warm-up race

The track
The track in the location for the warm-up race

The track was brand new when the warm-up race was hosted during the weekend 21-23 of May 2004.
In the entry field for this warm-up race were drivers from Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Czech Republic.
All four classes, Production 1/24, Formula 1/32, Eurosport 1/24 and Eurosport 1/32 qualifying was run and the drivers moved to mains.

We raced Production 1/24, F1 and Eurosport 1/24 on Saturday which became a very long day. We had a nice dinner break arranged by Lars Harrysson's wife, Beverly, which made it possible to race on.

The first race was Production 1/24.

In the qualifying, reigning world champion, Michael Landrud was fastest, 5,928 followed by the Finn Matti Fyhr 6,025 and  Latvian drivers, Andris Podosinoviks 6,029, Raivis Jansons 6,037 and Janis Rage Ragis 6,044.

In the main Michael Landrud took home the win in front of Andris Podosinoviks and Einari Fyhr.
Final results here.
D-main, C- main, B-main, A-main.

Formula 1/32

Janis Rage Ragis topped the qualifying 6,265 followed by Michael Landrud 6,307 and Andris Podosinoviks 6,445.
All times here.

Michael Landrud took home yet another win in front of Andris Podosinoviks and Lasse Åberg.
Final results here.
C-main, B-main, A-main

Eurosport 1/24.

Matti Fyhr did an outstanding qualifying where he did several laps better than anyone. Matti 4,406, Michael Landrud 4,659 and Andris Podosinoviks 4,706.
All times here.

Matti Fyhr
Matti Fyhr fastest. Even to fast for the camera

Michael Landrud won yet another race but this one was a close call. 267 laps in front of Andris 266. Matti in third with 259 laps despite having to change a gear during the race.
Final results here.
D-main, C-main, B-main, A-main.

Eurosport 1/32

Little brother Matti Fyhr was fast with the "big" eurosport and now it was time for big brother Einari to be fast in the "little" eurosport class. Einari's time was 5,156 followed by Pavel Flaisig 5,327 and Michael Landrud 5,342.
All times here.

Einari took home the win in a tight race where the top three changed places several times. Einari 243. Michael 240 and Lasse 239.

The Latvian drivers had gone home. Had to catch a ferry. So, that's why we did not see Andris in second place :-)

Final results here.
B-main, A-main


Pavel Flaisig
Pavel Flaisig



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