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European Championship 2005 wing cars
Plzen, Czech Republic

Photos by Mikael Silén

During the 8-10 of September the European Championship in G-27 and G-7 was organized in Plzen, Czech Republic by Zdenek Benes.

Zdenek Benes
A fake swede, Zdenek Benes

As I wrote before Douwe Banning, from Holland, has a race story and results from the European Championship on his Uden site.
The story under the news sections is here
Race results here


G-7 warm-up
G-7 warm-up race. From left to right. 2:nd place Oliver Sonnbichler. Winner Mikael Silén and 3:rd Juha Yli-Sipola

Short results G7:
1. Mikael Silén         987
2. Vlado Okali          942
3. Mario Schöne         926
4. Zdenek Benes         911
5. Stefan Törnfeldt     866
6. Jari Porttinen       820
7. Juha Yli-Sipola      765
8. Peter Krcl           569

Plzen. All drivers
Plzen drivers



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