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12 hour model race in Hamburg 19:th February 2005
"Modell Renncenter Hamburg" Germany




I joined a bunch of happy racers and went down to Hamburg to race in a 12 hour race (really 6 hour per team).
We, Ace of Race, consisted of five racers and when the fifth one couldn't go I took his place. The team T-shirts were already printed so I was probably chosen due to the fact that I have the same first name as the original driver :-)

I am so used of driving to races but with today's new airline companies prices has changed. I realized that the flight to Hamburg/Lübeck and sharing a rental car was lower than traveling to a race in the south of Sweden. Thank you Ryanair.

Model racing

The type of cars used were Pla-Fit, Schöler, Momo and similar ones. I did not check out the rules since I just drove the car but it looked to be quite free.
The Body should be a a LeMans type of sports car and motors were hand out Bison.

The race

Cars on the grid

There were 10 teams present and teams had between three and five drivers so with a five lane track the practice runs were not many.
The race started with qualifying and the lane to qualify on was drawn from a hat so no one could know which lane to occupy during praxes.
White lane, the middle one, lane 3, was drawn.
The qualification determined the which group of five teams you would do your first three hours with. After three hours, the daylight driving, a new list is put together so that the top five drive together. The last three hours are the dark night time driving.

No Limits topped the chart after qualifying 6,814. Fifth team, Felgendreher had 6,891. Quite close.
We came in sixth with 7,089

Happy hunting

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