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Hjärup 12 hour Open 12 race

Hjärup Slotracing Center

Cars on the starting line
During 19-21:st of August Hjärup Slotracing Center ran the 12 hour race with teams from  Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Sweden and mixed teams from these nations.
Each heat was 1 hour and 29 minutes long with one minute lane break between each heat.
The teams are:
Smra dosi - All Czech team
Jirka Karlik, Pavel Flaisig, Miroslav Vadlejch.
Fabolous Four - All swedish team
Birger Elfström, Tommy Berggren, Christer Helgesson and Dan Gustafsson
Egil & Co - Norway and Sweden
Egil Aksnes, Torgeri Boe, Johnny Andersen and Torgny Nordgren
Ingen Aning - All swedish team
Torbjörn Wågman, Mikael Gustavsson, Mikael Palmqvist and Jonas Wågman
Sanda and her tired friends - Mix Czech and Swede
Sandra Karlikova, Antonin Vojtik, Petr Ruzicka and Ove Halvarsson
Love Potion 69 - All swedish team
Berra Ljungdahl, Lasse Pettersson, Kennth Signal and Uffe Törn
Team Spirit - Denmark and Sweden
Lars Norkjear, Erik Noltensmeijer, Jan Ekman
Team Persico - All Swedish team
Michael Landrud, Anders Gustafson, Lasse Åberg, Lars Harrysson

For current "live" results click here to get to Hjärups home page.

Each team has to have a marshall but was it like this they meant?

 When the race started the Team Persico went into the lead. Already in the first heat the Smra dosi had to pit for a gear change. Gears became on of the most "popular" causes for pitting.
The Smra dosi went into the lead in the second heat when Team Persico did gear and motor change. Behind these two teams team Ingen Aning and Fabolous Four had a battle.
During the third heat Smra dosi lost the lead temporarily due to a gear change but they were soon into the lead, a lead that expanded when Persico did their second motor change.

After three heats we had a lunch break. Beverly made sure that all racers were feed and the Czech's brought beer with them so no one need to go thirsty.

In the fourth heat Smra dosi extended their lead but half an hour into the fifth heat their luck went out. The car came into the wrong lane and they lost approximately 70 laps during repair. During the fiftt and sixth heat they were able to get back into the lead.
When we had run five heats the difference between the leading team and second place was only one 1, lap.

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