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ISRA 2005 World Championship
Scale cars

Early on during the practice it was clear that we had  a problem with the lap counter or it's computer. Rob Lees and Andy Wassermann had a tough time to run practice.
Luckily, with a lot of help from people like Peter Krcil, Josef Korec, Lars Harrysson and others the computer was changed and a Spytech race system was installed.

Rob Lees
 Rob Lees                                                            

The classes raced was Production team race, Eurosport 32, Formula 32 and Eurosport 24

Tech inspection
Before the race you have the technical inspection. Mario Azzorpardi checking the ground clearance on a production car.

In the Production 24  team race each of the two drivers in a team drives for 30 seconds and the most laps win.

Production 25 main
Production 24 main

After production we had the Eurosport 32 race and it is not entirely safe to be around the track. We were lucky than no one was standing right here

Wall mounted
The car is firmly stuck in to the wall.
It is a legitimate track call despite that the car is marshable

After Eurosport 32 it was time for the Formula 32 class

1:32 Formel cars
The 1:32 Formula cars

Formel 32 main
The 1:32 Formula main. From left to right:  Paolo Trigilio, Matti Fyhr, Brian Saunders, Vladimir Horky, Gugu Bernardino, Peter Krcil, Michael Landrud and Tomas Rosenberg

The track after F1 has been run
Here you can easily see the lines used by the 1:32 Formula cars

In all classes there were prices for best looking car
Not the winner The winner
This was not the winner.                                         This was the winner. Note the aircraft left of the tower

Eurosport 24 cars
Some of the 63 Eurosport 24 cars

Eurosport 24 top three.
The top three in the Eurosport 24 class. From left to right. 3:rd place Josef Korec. Winner Vladimir Horky, 2:nd place Tomas Rosenberg

The 2006 ISRA Worlds is not yet decided where it is going to be held. Malta were originally scheduled for 2006 but stepped in when Brazil surprisingly were not accepted.



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