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Kouvola Wing Race 1 5-6 February 2005

Three races were raced during the weekend. First up was a G7 one motor race followed by a G-27 race and finally a G-7 race.

G7 One motor race

This race was a 40 minute race with two semi-finals 8*2 minutes and one main 8*3 minutes.

G7 One motor race line-up
Cars lined up before the start of the main

 In the main Leo Hongisto and Jari Porttinen went into the lead after the first heat on 87 laps followed by Juho Sippola and Marko Pirinen on 84.
After the second heat Leo had 173, Jari 171, Lasse Åberg 167 and Marko 162.
In the third heat Lasse passed Jari for second. Leo 255, Lasse 254. Jari and Marko together on 249.
After the fourth heat and halfway through the main Lasse is now in the lead 338. Jari and Marko still tied on 334 and Juha 332.

In the fifth heat Jari and Marko goes fast together. Lasse 419. Jari and Marko 418. Leo 415.
Sixth heat sees Leo's motor slow down and he retires. He did a quick brush change between the semi and the main without any comm work so that says something.
Lasse 503, Marko 494 and Jari 493.

Seventh heat sees Jari losing some ground but in the eight heat he is flying turning a 91 lap heat in three minutes.

Lasse Åberg         672
Marko Pirinen       665
Jari Porttinen      657
Risto Olkkonen      649
Juho Sippola        631
Juha Yli-Sipola     449
Leo Hongisto        440
Veli-Matti Kantamaa 414

Result image here.

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