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Kouvola, Finland. 12-13:th of March 2005

This was the second time this year that I took a flight over to Finland and raced in Kouvola.
This time I was not alone from Sweden. Stefan Törnfeldt join me at the airport in Helsingfors (he flew in from Landvetter/Gothenburg and I from Arlanda/Stockholm).

We got a ride from the airport with Jari Porttinen. At the track Hannu Laitinen had already made coffee so it was then time for the last preparation for the race.

G 7 one motor race

On Saturday we started with the G-7 one motor race. We first drove semi-finals and then a main for the top eight. This race was won by Jari Porttinen.
1. Jari Porttinen  678
2. Juha Yli-Sipola 668
3. Lasse Åberg     663

Image of main results here
Image of semi b results here.

G 27

30 minutes after the one motor race it was time for group 27.  In the qualifying Stefan Törnfeldt did several times which was good for first time. His best was 1,845. Second was Pekka Sippola 1,871.

In the main it was again Jari Porttinen on top winning his second race for today.
1. Jari Porttinen   792
2. Stefan Törnfeldt 787
3. Lasse Åberg      781

Image of main results in 27 here.

Juha Yli-Sipola changing motor
A motor change by Juha Yli-Sipola

G  7

Saturday ended with the G 7 qualifying.
Petteri Pirhonen, who I haven't seen that often lately was fastest followed by Stefan Törnfeldt who hasn't raced that much either. Is that maybe the way to go?
Petteri Pirhonen 1,564
Stefan Törnfeldt 1,574
Jari Porttinen   1,594

In the main Jyri-Ville Pouttu was the surprise using borrowed motors and taking the lead together with Pekka Sippola. Stefan Törnfeldt was close behind and he raced to victory. Second was Lasse Åberg and third Juha Yli-Sipola.
1. Stefan Törnfeldt 1081
2. Lasse Åberg      1067
3. Juha Yli-Sipola  1065

Stefan Törnfeldt
Stefan Törnfeldt after a successful weekend in Finland

Main results image here
Semi A result image here
Semi B result image here

Results by Hannu Laitinen here.

After the races were over we, Stefan and I, got a ride to the airport by Tuomo Iso-Aho. There we took a beer and flew home.



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