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World Championship for wing  cars
Kouvola, Finland 7-12 June 2005

In the town of Kouvola in Finland the 2005 World Championship for wing cars was held.
Three classes were raced. G-7 one motor, G-27 and the main class G-7.
A lot of drivers were present from the countries of Brazil, U.S.A, Slovakia, Check Republic, Austria, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Finland.

All drivers
The drivers

Hannu Laitinen, Marko Pirinen, Veli-Matti Kantamaa and other did a great job in organizing and running the race.

Most of the racers stayed in a nearby hotel within sight from the track.

In hotel looking towards the track building
In hotel looking towards the track building. You can see the house between the trees in the middle.
This image is taken at eight a clock in the evening

Bill Skinners pit
Bill Skinners pit area

G-7 one motor

Tuesday was practice day and on wednesday we drove the G-7 one motor race.
24 drivers put into four "semis".  The first two in each semi moves up to main A and the third and fourth from each semi moves up to main B.  When both main finals are done you make a total result list based on the total laps in the mains.

Only one motor is allowed and you are not allowed to rebuild it after the semi so you both need to be quick so that you reach the main but also you need to save your engine so that you have something to race with in the main.

Semi D was won by Juha Yli-Sipola 423 laps with Petteri Pirhonen in second 399. These two goes to main A. Third was Tuomo Iso-Aho 390 and fourth Oliver Sonnbichler 360. They move into main B.
Out were Klaus Jungblut and Esa-Pekka Söyrinki.

Semi C saw a lot of people retire and the survivors stopped racing after five heats.
Gugu 267 and Douwe Banning 267 to main A. Rudi Kamieth 261 and Veli-Matti Kantamaa 216 to main B. Out were Joao Carlos and  Risto Olkkonen.

Semi B. Mikael Silén topped this on 413 with Stefan Törnfeldt 411 and they moved to main A. To main B drove Marko Pirinen 411 and Peter Krcil 408.
Out were Harri Nykänen and Olli Kantamaa.

Semi A. Jyri-Ville Pouttu 422. Jari Porttinen 422 to main A. Lasse Åberg 413 and Justus Pohjasniemi 410.  Out were Jan Andersson and Peter Froebel.

Main B
1. Lasse Åberg         650
2. Peter Krcil         626
3. Rudi Kamieth        612
4. Marko Pirinen       612
5. Olive Sonnbichler    592
6. Tuomo Iso-Aho       567
7. Justus Pohjasniemi  397
8. Veli-Matti Kantamaa 277

Main A
1. Gugu                665
2. Juha Yli-Sipola     656
3. Mikael Silén        653
4. Jari Porttinen      632
5. Jyri-Ville Pouttu   628
6. Petteri Pirhonen    621
7. Stefan Törnfeldt    595
8. Douwe Banning       156

Total top 8
1. Gugu                665
2. Juha Yli-Sipola     656
3. Mikael Silén        653
4. Lasse Åberg         650
5. Jari Porttinen      632
6. Jyri-Ville Pouttu   628
7. Peter Krcil         626
8. Petteri Pirhonen    621

Link to image of the main A results
Link to image of the main B results

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