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World Championship for wing cars
Kouvola, Finland 7-12 June 2005


On thursday and friday the G-27 class was raced with 27 entries. 


Bill Skinner turned a 1,77 lap in the first round followed by a 1,751 lap in the bye-round and were set to win this qualifying. But as most of you already know (if you read on OWH or IMCA) this incredibly fast time was topped by Jose Mario from Brazil who drove a 1,748 lap. That Brazilian rubber seem to work well.

Jose Marios tq car
José Marios tq car

From quarterfinal the top four move up to semi finals.

Quarterfinal D
Juha Yli-Sipola went into the lead and stayed there 411 laps. He was followed by Jari Porttinen 407, Stefan Törnfeldt 406 and Mikael Silén 400.
Out were Petteri Pirhonen and P-G Falk

Quarterfinal C
Zdenek Benes took the lead and stayed on top 403. Vlado Okali 379. Olli Kantamaa 372 and Douwe Banning 361.
Out. Joao Carlos and Klaus Jungblut.

Quarterfinal B
Josef Korec took quarter B on 409 laps. Lasse Åberg 403. André Eriksson 395 and Bill Skinner 393.
Out were Per Persson and Pekka Sippola

Quarterfinal A
Vladimir Horky 406, Peter Krcil 402, Andreas Karlsson 390 and Jose Mario Serra 378.
Out were Richard Jonsson, Oliver Sonnbichler and Lalla Andersson.

Semi finals
On friday the semi finals and the main finals were run.

Semi B
Vlado Okali won easily on 414 with Juha Yli-Sipola in second place 399. Zdenek Benes 396 and Jari Porttinen 387.
Out: Stefan Törnfeldt 387, young Olli Kantamaa 385, Mikael Silén who broke his motor in the last segment while in second place and Douwe Banning.

Semi A
Vladimir Horky 418, Josef Korec 410, Peter Krcil 402 and Lasse Åberg 402.
Out were Bill Skinner 309, Jose Mario 396, Andreas Karlsson 394 and André Eriksson 391.


G 27 main cars
G-27 cars for the main

Vlados car in the middle
Tire width. Vlado Okalis car in the middle with the narrowest tires on the grid

Vlado Okali and Juha Yli-Sipola went into the lead on 107 laps with Zdenek Benes behind them on 105.

G-27 main
G-27 main. From left to right:
Peter Krcil, Josef Korec, Zdenek Benes, Juha Yli-Sipola, Vlado Okali, Lasse Åberg, Vladimir Horky and Jari Porttinen.                                                                                                                           Photo: Jan Andersson

In the second heat Vlado alone in the lead 212 with Peter Krcil and Lasse Åberg on 210 and Juha Yli-Sipola on 208.

Third Vlado 316, Lasse 314, Peter Krcil 312 and Juha 304.

Fourth heat. Vlado  still in the lead on 419. Peter Krcil 412, Josef Korec 404, Lasse 399. Juha got into problem and fell back in the field.

Fifth heat. Vlado fast again 521. Peter 512. Josef Korec 505 and Lasse 500.

Sixth heat. Vlado increases his lead, 626. Peter Krcil 607, Lasse 605, Josef 603.

Seventh heat. Vlado 722, Peter Krcil 712, Josef Korec 703 and Lasse 701.

Eight and last heat. Peter Krcil drove 100 laps. Not much but that was the most laps done in this segment. Compare that to other segments were half of the field drove more than 100 laps.
This heat saw a lot of crashes which was the reason.
Peters 100 laps meant a lot when Vlado only had 89 laps.

With 100 laps Peter passed Vlado for the lead and win.

1. Peter Krcil     812
2. Vlado Okali     811
3. Josef Korec     795
4. Lasse Åberg     792
5. Jari Porttinen  790
6. Zdenek Benes    774
7. Juha Yli-Sipola 759
8. Vladimir Horky  740

The winner Peter Krcils car
The winner Peter Krcils car

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