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SSC Evening race #1, 17:th of January 2005

A small field of 6 drivers lined up for some monday night racing.
Two changes were done for this year. The A and B mains laps are compared and most laps win. Before the A main drivers raced for first to sixth place and the B main for the seventh up to 12:th place.
Now the laps counts and that could, and had, a great significance.

The second change was that we went from three minute heats in the main to four minute heats.


We were less drivers and we had probably less grip.
Torgny Lundmark was first up and his time was 4,077.
That time lasted until the last qualifier, Lasse Åberg, who turned the only sub 4 second laps today, 3,958.
Results Qualifying


Quarter B was won by Michel Lorin 160,50 followed by Torgny Nordgren 158,85 and Peter Lantz 140,25.

Quarter A was won by Lasse Åberg 167,07 followed by Mats Hummel 160,23 and Torgny Lundmark 158,10.

Results Quarter B and Quarter A.

B Main

This was the victorious Torgny, Torgny and Peter line-up from the 6 hour race. Now they were racing against each other.
Torgny Lundmark took an early lead and he was able to pull away on or more laps every segment regardless of which lane he was driving on.
He did not fall of much and got a high lap total. How high and how good we did not know since this was our first time driving four minute heats.
Second came Torgny Nordgren and third Peter Lantz.

Torgny Lundmark    333,05
Torgny Nordgren    318,20
Peter Lantz        293,05

A Main

Lasse Åberg took the lead in front of Mats Hummel and Michel Lorin. This was also the order throughout the A Main. After the first heat the prognoses said that the best here was only second total. The same result after the second and third heat. We all knew now that Torgny Lundmark B Main win was something to beat.
When the sixth heat was run Lasse had won the A Main but, Torgny Lundmarks lap total in the B Main was higher and he was the winner.

Lasse Åberg         332,35
Mats Hummel         324,25
Michel Lorin        277,00

Already and the first try the new system was a .....winner.

Results Main B, Main A
Total results  Main total

Total Results Main

1. Torgny Lundmark  333,05
2. Lasse Åberg      332,35
3. Mats Hummel      324,25
4. Torgny Nordgren  318,20
5. Peter Lantz      293,05
6. Michel Lorin     277,00

Next event is Nascar, Tuesday 25 January.



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