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SSC Evening race #2, 31:st of January 2005

A field of 9 drivers lined up for monday night racing.
As mentioned before two changes were done for this year. The A and B mains laps are compared and most laps win.
Now the laps counts and that again proved to be a success.

The second change was that we went from three minute heats to four minute heats in the main.


Marcus Hammenstad had spent a lot of hours to prepare the track for the race.
Lasse Åberg was first up to qualify with a time of 3,906.
Second to qualify was Michel Lorin who came close, 3,925.
Torgny Lundmark  3,935.
Kenth Jansson turned a 3,925, the same as Michel and with a better back up time he got second place.
1. Lasse Åberg   3,906
2. Kenth Jansson 3,925
3. Michel Lorin  3,925

Results Qualifying


Quarter B was won by Mikael Eskilsson 152,45 followed by Ove Halvarsson 149,80 with Peter Lantz 139,35 in third and P-J Kronberg in fourth 108.

Quarter A was won by Lasse Åberg 163,70 followed by Marcus Hammenstad 161,25,  Kenth Jansson 159,20, Torgny Lundmark 155,35 and Michel Lorin 149,45.

Results Quarter B and Quarter A.

B Main

Michel Lorin took a commanding lead from the start and at a point he had a seven lap lead. In the fifth heat on yellow he lost some pace due to a body pin and at the same time Ove Halvarsson did one of his best heats. This meant that Michels lead was now down to two laps.
In the last heat Michel responded and did his best heat for the day.

Michel Lorin       328,85
Ove Halvarsson     321,05
Peter Lantz        302,75
P-J Kronberg       287,35

A Main

Torgny Lundmark took the lead and with the same amount of laps as Michel had turned in the B main.
Torgnys second heat was better than Michels and he was now in the total lead.
Two laps behind Torgny (and one lap behind Michel) was Lasse Åberg.
Mikael Eskilsson and Marcus Hammenstad shared third place in A Main with Kent Jansson one lap behind.
In the third heat Marcus went into the pits. Torgny and Lasse drove the same amount of laps but lost out to Michel.

Marcus Hammenstad was the fast guy in the fourth heat coming back from the pits.
In the fifth heat Lasse passed Torgny into the lead in this main.
Sixth heat saw no change in positions but who won overall?

Lasse Åberg         328,55
Torgny Lundmark     325,05
Marcus Hammenstad   312,40
Kenth Jansson       305,45
Mikael Eskilsson    233,40

Already and the first try the new system was a hit for the B main contenders and again proved so.
Yet a close race at the top with the two first drivers on the same laps.

Results Main B, Main A
Total results  Main total

Total Results Main

1. Michel Lorin      328,85
2. Lasse Åberg       328,55
3. Torgny Lundmark   325,05
4. Ove Halvarsson    321,05
5. Marcus Hammenstad 312,40
6. Kenth Jansson     305,45
7. Peter Lantz       302,75
8. P-J Kronberg      287,35
9. Mikael Eskilsson  233,40

Next event is Sport  and Cobra Tuesday 8 February.



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