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SSC Evening race #6, 11:th of April 2005

A small field of 6 drivers lined up for monday night racing.


Already during practice a favorite could be seen and he was also fastest, Kenth Jansson.

1. Kenth Jansson     3.993
2. Marcus Hammenstad 4,026
3. Michel Lorin      4,027

Results Qualifying


Quarter B was won by  Lasse Åberg 160,25. Peter Lantz 155,00. Third Ove Halvarsson 153,20.

Quarter A was won by Michel Lorin 164,45 followed by Kenth Jansson 164,35 and Marcus Hammenstad 163,70.
Results Quarter B and Quarter A.

B Main

Lasse Åberg took a one lap lead in front of Ove Halvarsson with Peter Lantz in third. The positions remained unchanged throughout the race.

Lasse Åberg        337,35
Ove Halvarsson     319,30
Peter Lantz        312,75

A Main

Kenth Jansson, who again set fast laps in the main,  took an early lead two laps in front of Michel Lorin and Marcus Hammenstad.
Marcus and Michel were fast in the second heat. After the second heat Marcus now had a one lap lead in front of Kenth Jansson and Michel who now had catched Kenth.
Third heat saw Kenth driving the highest lap total for the day and he was now up in the lead with a three lap gap over Michel and Marcus.

In the fourth heat Marcus had a disappointed run on orange and lost ground to the others. Kenth was again fastest and now stretched his lead to six laps ahead of Michel.
Both Michel and Marcus were now behind Lasse in the overall standing.

In the fifth heat Michel on orange, against Kenth of yellow, was fast and took back three laps of the six lap lead Kenth had. Lasse was now in a small lead overall.
The sixth and last heat was fast and even with Kenth on 56 and Michel and Marcus on 55. It did not change the order.

Kenth Jansson      335,35
Michel Lorin       331,80
Marcus Hammenstad  325,45

Results Main B, Main A
Total results  Main total

Total Results

Lasse Åberg        337,35
Kenth Jansson      335,35
Michel Lorin       331,80
Marcus Hammenstad  325,45
Ove Halvarsson     319,30
Peter Lantz        312,75



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