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SSC 6 hour race


SSC raced it's annual 6 hour race and this time Parma Flexi 2 cars were used. The teams had about 30 minutes to work on the cars taken out from the box.
Most team were ready, or rather, raced with what they had when the power was on except for the Peter Torgnys team who worked some more in the pits. That was not that bad we later saw.

The teams consisted of
Team 1. Lasse Åberg and Niclas Lindblom.
Team 2. Mikael Eskilsson, Mats Hummel and Michel Lorin.
Team 3. Olle Söderholm and Rickard Lundh.
Team 4. Torgny Lundmark, Torgny Nordgren and Peter Lantz.

Each segment was one hour long.
Tires can vary, that we got evidence of and lanes differs and that was painfully shown.
Orange was okay, Green was quite good and blue was outstanding. Yellow was driveable, white was a warm-up for the horrible red lane were you easily got lose 100 laps.
Due to the difference in lane behaviour the results jumped up and down but when the race was over position two, three and four were quite close.

The Peter-Torgnys, who started on white and the drove red were quite far down the order after the first two heats. We did not then know that they indeed had done well at those lanes.
When the 6 hour was done they had won with more than 100 laps in front of second place.

Torgny Nordgren, Peter Lantz, Torgny Lundmark
The winners:
Torgny Nordgren, Peter Lantz and Torgny Lundmark

1.  Team 4  Torgny Lundmark, Torgny Nordgren, Peter Lantz  3551
2.  Team 1  Lasse Åberg and Niclas Lindblom.               3442
3.  Team 3  Olle Söderholm and Rickard Lundh               3431
4.  Team 2  Mikael Eskilsson, Mats Hummel, Michel Lorin    3429

More results here.




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