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SSC Evening race #7, 25:th of April 2005

The day after Sveslot's Saloon cup and despite that our friends from Västerås-Enköping took the trip down to SSC's track.
We had a field of eight cars this monday evening.


Michel Lorin was the first to qualify and he turned a 3,976 time and set the pace for the rest. The second last driver, Marcus Hammenstad was the next driver to turn a 3 second time, 3,987 and the last driver, Lasse Åberg, was the third driver under 4 seconds, 3,969
1. Lasse Åberg       3,969
2. Michel Lorin      3,976
3. Marcus Hammenstad 3,987

Results qualifying

Quarter finals

Quarter B was won by Mikael Leffler (former Eskilsson) 158 laps. Second Ove Halvarsson 155. Third Peter Lantz 141 and fourth Robin Lundmark 135.
Mikael's lap moved him to the A main

Quarter A saw Michel Lorin at the top 163 in front of Lasse Åberg 162, Marcus Hammenstad 156 and Torgny Lundmark 153.

Results Quarter B and Quarter A

B Main

Robin Lundmark jumped to an early lead with 54 laps in front of Torgny Lundmark on 51 laps (not relatives) with Ove Halvarsson and Peter Lantz on 50.
In the second heat Ove turned a 56 lap heat with Peter Lantz second fastest on 52 laps. Torgny 51 and Robin with a braid problem 39 laps.

During the rest of the B main Ove and Peter pulled away from the rest. Ove was the faster of the two but they were close. During the last four heats Ove only increase his lead over Peter with two laps.
Torgny retired after a gear failure due to a loose motor.
1. Ove Halvarsson    311,85
2. Peter Lantz       305,25
3. Robin Lundmark    289,85
4. Torgny Lundmark   137,00

A Main

Lasse, starting on white, took the lead on 56 laps followed by Michel who started slow but ended really fast on red with 53 laps. Mikael Leffler 52 and Marcus Hammenstad 42 laps after a broken gear. Marcus also had a gear spinning later on in the main.
Second heat was a close one with Lasse on 56 and Michel and Marcus 55 laps. Mikael 53.

The order after the first heat did not change.  Still it was a tough race where Michel never eased of the pace. Lasse and Michel drove 57 laps on Blue. 56 laps on yellow. 58 laps on orange and 56 laps on white.
The main saw a lap record and a new record for most laps in second place.
1. Lasse Åberg       341,30
2. Michel Lorin      335,85
3. Mikael Leffler    320,85
4. Marcus Hammenstad 307,45

Results Main B, Main A
Total Results Main

1. Lasse Åberg       341,30
2. Michel Lorin      335,85
3. Mikael Leffler    320,85
4. Ove Halvarsson    311,85
5. Marcus Hammenstad 307,45
6. Peter Lantz       305,25
7. Robin Lundmark    289,85
8. Torgny Lundmark   137,00

Next event is model racing with the Sport cars and the Cobra on May 3:rd.



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