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SSC Evening race #8, 27:th of September 2005

A small field of six cars for tonight racing but with hope of more cars next time when a couple of more racers will have time.


Michel Lorin was the first below 4 seconds and ended on top. The only one more to drive a sub 4 second lap was Torgny Nordgren.
1. Michel Lorin      3,939
2. Torgny Nordgren   3,964
3. Lasse Åberg       4,057

Results qualifying

Quarter finals

Quarter B was won by Niklas Nordgren who has not raced for over one year 134 laps. Second Jens Andersson 99. Third Marcus Hammenstad 84, who retired but a bent car but fixed it to the B main.

Quarter A saw Michel Lorin struggling with a controller with only full brake or none at all. On top  Lasse Åberg 164, Torgny Nordgren 161 and Michel Lorin 144

Results Quarter B and Quarter A

B Main

Marcus Hammenstad took a eight lap lead in the first heat and then continued to win the B Main.
Niklas Nordgren drove carefully with a somewhat slow car and took second place in the first heat one lap ahead of Jens Andersson. Niklas ended as he started in second place.
Jens Andersson, who also drove without brake!, ran good until halfway through the last segment when he got a gear failure.

1. Marcus Hammenstad 309,85
2. Niklas Nordgren   268,30
3. Jens Andersson    224,00

A Main

Torgny Nordgrens main started with problem even before the start. During the 30 seconds warm-up he got a gear failure. He changed gear fast and could start the race but lost some good practice.
Lasse, starting on red, took the lead on 53 laps followed by Torgny on 51 and Michel on 47.

In the second heat Michel went into second place.

Third heat saw Torgny go to pits early with a broken gear. Unfortunately his wrench broke while changing gear which took more time. He only managed 8 laps in that segment and now had to fight hard to be able to pass the drivers in the B Main.

Fight hard was exactly what Torgny did despite being hopelessly last. In the last three heats he drove 56, 56 and 58 laps a total of 170 laps against Lasses 168 and Michel 153.

1. Lasse Åberg       337,80
2. Michel Lorin      306,85
3. Torgny Nordgren   275,35

Results Main B, Main A
Total Results Main

Again we could see that a B Main driver has a chance with Marcus finishing second overall.
1. Lasse Åberg       337,80

2. Marcus Hammenstad 309,85
3. Michel Lorin      306,85
4. Torgny Nordgren   275,35
5. Niklas Nordgren   268,30
6. Jens Andersson    224,00



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