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Sveslot Round 1 Hörby, Sweden
29 January 2005

Hörby in the south part of Sweden hosted the first of six rounds in Sveslots Saloon Cup.
The classes raced is Production 1/24, Open 12 and Eurosport 1/24.
This year Open 12 is not restricted to junior drivers. As a racer you can choose to drive Open 12 or Eurosport 1/24.

Production 1/24

Before Production qualifying
Line up before qualifying

Saturday started with the Production 1/24 class.
First up was Anders Gustafson whose best time 5.503.
Michael Landrud topped that with a 5.420 lap.
Third in qualifying was Lasse Åberg, 5.637 and Robin Lundmark from Västerås in good fourth 5.710.
Followed them directly to semi final did Jan Ekman and Mats Andersson.

Qualifying results (picture) here.

Anna Perssons car
Anna Perssons car

Semi finals

Semifinal B was won by Lars Harrysson followed by Thomas Schüler and these had enough laps to move up to the main.
Semifinal A was won by Michael Landrud and behind him came Anders Gustafson, Lasse Åberg and Janne Ekman. These four drivers joined Schüler and Harrysson to the main.

Main Production 1/24

In the main Lars Harrysson took the lead after the first heat with Michael Landrud and Lasse Åberg one lap behind and Anders Gustafson, Thomas Schüler and Jan Ekman two laps behind.

Michael stepped up the pace in the second and kept that behind until the end. He won five laps ahead of Lasse Åberg and 16 laps ahead of Anders Gustafson.
1. Michael Landrud   313
2. Lasse Åberg       307
3. Anders Gustafson  297
4. Lars Harrysson    290
5. Thomas Schüler    288
6. Jan Ekman         278

Results main here.

Production 1/24
3:rd placed Anders Gustafson. Winner Michael Landrud. 2:dn placed Lasse Åberg.

16D Junior

Between Production- and Eurosport race the Junior drivers had a 16-D race which was impressingly good when looking to how young they are.
3:rd place Hampus Gustafsson. 2:nd placed  Marcus Frid and  the winner Fred Gustafsson

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