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Eurosport 1/24

Michael Landrud took the lead in qualifying with 4.45 which is good. Janne Ekman went faster, 4.443. Anders Gustafson was even faster turning a 4.337 lap. One of the last qualifiers was Mikael Gustavsson who almost made the top with a 4.339.

Two semi finals with round robin was run with a total of seven drivers in each semi final.
From semi final B no one moved up. Steen Mickelsen, however, was really close. He finished on the same laps and the same section as Jan Ekman in semi A. Jan had a better qualifying time which moved him into the main.
From semi final A the winner Lasse Åberg moved up together with Anders Gustafson, Lars Harrysson, Torgny Nordgren, Mikael Gustavsson and Jan Ekman.
The only one not to move up from semi final A was Michael Landrud who hit a car and the marshals hand and the motor went out.

Cars before the ES24 main
Eurosport 1/24 line up before the main

Already in the first heat some favorites got into problem. Lasse Åberg had problems and when his car lifted on the straight and then got hit by Anders Gustafsons car, two favorites lost touch with the front. Lasses problem continued in the second heat which caused problem for some drivers.

During this Mikael Gustavsson had gone into the lead followed by Janne Ekman.

Mikael had a slow third heat while Anders went fast and started to wheel in the leaders.
In the last two heats Anders pulled back 12 laps from the leader and almost won the race ending on the same lap as the winner Janne Ekman.

1. Jan Ekman         339.45
2. Anders Gustafson  339.25
3. Mikael Gustavsson 330
4. Lars Harrysson    329
5. Torgny Nordgren   322
6. Lasse Åberg       312

Main results here.

Eurosport 1/24 1-2-3
3:rd place Mikael Gustavsson. Winner Janne Ekman. 2:nd place Anders Gustafson.

Open 12

Open12 went without qualifying.
Mikael Svensson went into an early lead followed by Mats Andersson.
In the last half of the main Mats was able to get into the lead and pull away to a win.
In third place came Dan Gustavsson
Main results here.

Open 12
2:nd placed Mikael Svensson. Winner Mats Andersson. 3:rd place Dan Gustavsson.

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