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Sveslot round 3 Mullsjö, Sweden, 23-24 April 2005

Mullsjö track

Mullsjö, northwest of Jönköping hosted the third round in Sveslot's Saloon and wing cup.

The classes raced on Saturday was Saloon where junior and senior drivers were separated for the main and Eurosport 1:24 and Open 12. You can not race both Eurosport and Open 12.

Eurosport cars to the left

Saloon cars to the right.

Saloon qualifying

A starting field of 33 drivers.
The Saloon qualifying was won by Anders Gustafson 4,19 followed by Michel Lorin 4,20 and Mikael Landrud 4,22. The Junior drivers did well. In fifth place Mikael Palmqvist 4,27 and Robin Lundmark in ninth on 4,31.

Saloon Main

Before the main the junior and senior drivers were split.
In the junior main Mikael Palmqvist and Robin Lundmark went into the lead and they then pulled away from the rest. Mikael were the fastest and increased his lead over Robin with about a lap per heat.
1. Mikael Palmqvist     288
2. Robin Lundmark       281
3. Markus Andersson     273
4. Christoffer Karlsson 257
5. Jonatan Berg         249
6. Daniel Ax            230
7. Eric Signal          212
8. Erik Jonsson         161

Saloon Junior
From left to right: Markus Andersson, Mikael Palmqvist and Robin Lundmark

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