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Sveslot 3 Mullsjö continued

Tall track or short driver Charger
Left picture: A "short" driver, Michael Landrud barely reaching above the track in the bank
Right picture:  Mullsjös charger almost the same height as "junior" Wågman

Saloon main senior

Saloon main senior cars
Saloon main senior cars

Anders Gustafson and Lasse Åberg went into the lead after the first heat. In the second and third heat Lasse were able to be alone in the lead and expanding it. Fourth heat saw them both drive even and in the fifth heat Anders had pulled back the laps and they were both sharing the lead.
Meanwhile there was a hard fight between Torgny Nordgren, Janne Ekman and Torbjörn Wågman for third spot with one lap separating these three drivers.
When the race was over Anders was victorious winning with half a lap of margin.

1. Anders Gustafson 314
2. Lasse Åberg      313
3. Torgny Nordgren  306
4. Torbjörn Wågman  300
5. Janne Ekman      294
6. Michel Lorin     288
7. Tomas Schüler    285
8. Ulf Törn         284

Saloon 1-2-3 senior
From left to right: Lasse Åberg, Anders Gustafson and Torgny Nordgren

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