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Salooncupen 5-6 Nov. Västerås, Sweden

Open 12

Open 12
Open 12 cars

It was a close qualifying among the top three drivers. Winning was Ove Halvarsson 3,565 followed by Uffe Törn 3,583 and Mats Andersson 3,618.

After qualifying all drivers drove mains. The laps are then compared and most laps wins regardless of which main you drove.
Qualifying results here.

B Main

Open 12 B main

They were nine drivers so they drove with the Round robin system.
Dan Gustavsson took the lead closely followed by Mr. Berra.
Dan had the lead for the first three heats.
After the fourth heat Mr. Berra was in the lead.
Christoffer Karlsson drove a steady race and went halfway into the second place. He even came close to Berra towards the end but when the B main was over experience won over youth.
1. Berra Ljungdahl      469
2. Christoffer Karlsson 460
3. Dan Gustavsson       432,60
More results from the B main here.

A Main

Pole setter Ove Halvarsson together with Uffe Törn went into the lead followed by  Mats Andersson. Top three from qualifying in top three after first heat.
Unfortunately Mats Andersson had to leave. Small children has a poor understanding of grown up men's desire to play :-)

Ove left Uffe behind in the second heat. These two continued to be the fastest and they  left the rest far behind.  Kent Lundström went into third place without any challenge from behind.
In the end these three drivers took the top three places.

1. Ove Halvarsson 568,80
2. Uffe Törn      545,70
3. Kent Lundström 521,30
Open 12
Uffe Törn, Ove Halvarsson, Kent Lundström

When both mains were over and we could compare laps we could see that B Main winner, Mr. Berra had enough laps for a total sixth place
Complete result list here.

Eurosport 24

After the Open 12 race it was time for the last class for the day, the Eurosport 1:24 class.
All drivers got a three minute warm-up session and everyone were sliding around without any grip.

In the qualifying Michael Landrud did the best out of the sliding contest with a 3,437 lap in front of Mikael Palmqvist 3,445 and Torgny Nordgren 3,534.
Qualifying results here.

From left to right: Lars Harrysson, Lasse Åberg, Martin Nilsson, Michel Lorin, Torgny Nordgren, Mikael Palmqvist, Michael Landrud.

In the first heat Michael Landrud went into pits after a collision into the donut and lost contact with the front. Lasse took an early lead closely followed by a pack of drivers. Halfway through the main it was close between four drivers, Lasse Åberg, Torgny Nordgren, Michel Lorin and Lars Harrysson.

ES24 cars
From left ro right cars belongs to:  Lars Harrysson, Lasse Åberg, Martin Nilsson, Michel Lorin, Torgny Nordgren, Mikael Palmqvist, Michael Landrud.

The track is fast which both causes a lot of tire wear and some collision. During the latter stages some drivers changes tires and lost some laps initially but then went fast again and some saved time not changing tires but struggled to keep up the pace.
At the end it was a trio that has SSC as home track that took the top three places.
Complete result list here.

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