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Hjärup 12 hour Endurance Challenge

18-19:th of August the annual Hjärup 12 hour Endurance Challenge were held at Hjärup Slotracing Center outside Lund, Sweden.
Scale cars, the Open 12 class were run. On the starting line we had eight teams consisting of three or four drivers each.
After competing in such event the hours and incidents passes by and it is hard to remember what happened to who and when, so let the pictures and results speak for themselves.

The cars and drivers (from red lane to black)

Starting line

Danish Dynamite

A three driver team. Two Danes and one Swede.
Danish Dynamite
Swede Torbjörn Wågman, Peter Rousing and Steen Michaelsen

Danish Dynamite

Danish Dynamite

Team Jelzin

A four man team with Janne Ekman, Anders Gustafson, Torgny Nordgren and Lasse Åberg
Janne Ekman  Jeltzin drugs
Team boss Janne Ekman.                                       Team spirit, Jelzin.


Team Jeltzin

Fabulous Four

A four man team . Locally based. Tommy Berggren. Dan Gustafsson, Birger Elfström and Christer Helgesson.
Fabulous Four, well three of them
Tommy Berggren. Dan Gustafsson and Birger Elfström.

Fabulous car

Fabulous car

FFW b DFTM (Fast Furious Women but Don't Forget To Marshall)

An all girl line-up with four drivers. Esther Lestrell, Australia. Sandra Karlikova, Czech Republic. Mia Ekman and Carolin Karlsson from Sweden.
Esther Lestrell, Sandra Karlikova, Mia Ekman and Carolin Karlsson

Fast Furious Women car

The four women

T.I.T (Trotter Independent Traders)

An all British team with Brian Saunders, Graham Woodward and Keith Gibson.
British driversGraham Woodward and Brian Saunders

T.I.T car

The T.I.T.

Smradosi (Czech Republic)

A Czech four driver team. Jaroslav Recek, Pavel Flaisig, Jirka Karlik and Miroslav Vadlejch.
Smradosi Jaroslav Recek
Pavel Flaisig and Jirka Karlik                              Jaroslav Recek



BPA-S (Sweden)

A Swedish four driver team. Michael Landrud, Lars Harrysson, Tobias Lestrell and Mikael Gustavsson.

Michael Landrud and Mikael Gustavsson



Gothic Rockers  (SRC Gotha, Germany)

A German three drivers team. Ulli Pietsch, Heiko Thienschmidt and Rainer Borsatzki.
Heiko Thienschmidt

Gothic Rockers

Ghotic Rockers

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