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ISRA 2006 World Championship.
7-14 October, Soragna, Italy

The track

The track is built by Ogilvie.
The track

The track

The track

Production 24

Production 24 cars
On Monday we raced Production 24 which is a class with hand out motors, tires and bodies.
Each team consists of two drivers and the qualifying is a one minute total lap qualifying where each driver 30 seconds. You do not have any warm-up lap so when you drive your qualifying you do that hours after you practiced the last time and you hope you can in your 30 seconds get up to speed fast and not fall off.

Tracy Chin and Paul Gawronski were first out and did a 8,80 which placed them in the top for a long long time.
In the qualifying the Italian pair of Castricone and Santarelli were the only one to break the 9 lap barrier. Second team was Peter Krcil and Jirka Karlik with 8,94 laps and in third the mix of British drivers Brian Saunders and Swedish driver Lasse Åberg (me) on 8,90.
The total qualifying results.

From the qualifying the teams went into seven mains where the top eight teams from qualifying ran in the A main and so on.
We ran into problems early with glued gears spinning on it's axle. Castricone and Santarelli had a good lead and were on their way to victory when the motors started to loose pace. Gugu was there and tried to "Voodoo" the motor which helped for a while.
At the end Tracy Chin and Paul Gawronski, USA, took home the win 555,06 laps.
In second, after a very hard last segment fight Lars Noerkjaer Denmark and Christer Helgesson Sweden 550,72 laps and in third Paolo Trigilio and Paolo Niccolai, Italy, on 550,7 laps.

Total results "image"

A main
B main
C main
D main
E main missing
F main
G main

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