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ISRA 2006 World Championship.
7-14 October, Soragna, Italy

Formula 1:32

Formula 1:32 cars
Tuesday 10:th of October was the day for the Formula cars. Italian Paolo Trigilio was the fastest in qualifying with a 6,155 lap. Second Vladimir Horky, Check Rep. 6,371 and in third Paul Gawronski, USA, 6,383
Result list qualifying F1 1:32

F1 tech inspection
For technical inspection different set of drivers were used for the classes. Here Michael Landrud, Lars Noerkjaer and Kari Sinisaari

From the semi finals the winner in group B, Gugu, moved up to the main together with the top seven from the A group.
Semifinal C
Semifinal B
Semifinal A

Formula main cars
The Formula cars before the main
The qualifying winner Paolo Trigilio started on yellow lane and took a lead but the race was close. Horky had the lead for a while with Castricone right on his heels. When Paolo returned to purple and black, which were fast lanes, he took back the lead again and won the main.
1. Paolo Trigilio 373,17. Second place Vladimir Horky 367,94 and third Piero Castricone 367,39.
Formula main drivers
From left to right: Miroslav Vadlejch, Luiz Bernardino, Paolo Trigilio, Vladimir Horky, Piero Castricone, Paolo Niccolai, Michael Landrud, Josef Korec

In the last segment of the main Gugu was getting closer and closer to Josef but time was running up. When the power was turned of Gugu on a wider radius turn rolled passed Josef.
The cars position were checked by race officials and Gugu was declared to be ahead of Josef.
I listened to the discussion that followed and they discussed if to use different hundreds to separate them but they didn't do that so in the result list Josef is incorrectly ahead of Gugu.

Gugu vs Josef
Gugus silver McLaren ahead of the yellow Jordan of Josef Korec

The main

F1 1:32

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