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Swedish Championship (Riksmästerskap) Norsjö, Sweden 3-5 November 2006

Saturday evening

The last racing we did on saturday was Grp 7 qualifying.
Leo Hongisto was fast in the first round and also improved on his time in the bye round 1,558.
He was followed by André Eriksson 1,573 and Jari Porttinen 1,601.

Car in shirt
Caught by camera

Not only marshals get hit and stuck in a car. Here, just prior to the bye round in G-7, a driver puts his shirt into the gear. On courtesy to the involved I will not mention that his nationality is Finnish.

Qualifying list

Our stay in Norsjö was really good and organized. Per Persson put together a package where we got really good prices on hotel.
Per surprised us all informing that it would be a dinner on saturday evening at the hotel. They opened their restaurant just for us.
We arrived at the restaurant welcomed by candle lights and soft music. We at a good dinner followed by coffee and a cake and...... it was for free!
It was a very relaxing end to the day.

A big thank to Per Persson and the town of Norsjö.

Group 7

On Sunday we drove the semi finals and the main final in Group 7.
Per Persson was able to race since he had a replacement running the race. Unfortunately for Per he had multiple problems in his semi A.

The semi finals were quite smooth and especially semi A saw few problems except for Per Perssons.
In the main most of us ran into motor problems before we learned that we had to settle down and not charging as hard as we did.

André Eriksson took the lead followed by Juha Yli-Sipola.
In the second heat Juha took over the lead and had it until the sixth heat when he had to change motor during the running.
The lead was now grabbed by Leo Hongisto who had it until halfway through the last heat when he had to pit for a motor change which then put Juha back into the lead. Just.
The difference at the end was only two laps.

1. Juha Yli-Sipola 1034
2. Leo Hongisto    1032
3. Lasse Åberg      999
4. Atte Lyyski      925
5. André Eriksson   794
6. Jari Porttinen   766
7. Richard Jonsson  416
8. Tuomo Iso-Aho    169

Grp 7 top three
Group 7. 2:nd Leo Hongisto, 1:st Juha Yli-Sipola. 3:rd Lasse Åberg
Juha "The Champ"  (mpeg 4 movie)

Main results G-7
Unfortunately we had some problem with the timing system which prevented me from displaying the total result list.

We all had a nice race on this new fast track and liked it alot.
The Norsjö track uses one of these high power Kempi power supplies which is also used in Kouvola and in the scale track in Hjärup.
It has good power margin and works well.



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