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SSC Evening race #1, 7:th of February 2006

Photos by Torgny Lundmark

Eight drivers attended SSC's first saloon race for the 2006 season. Changes for this year concerned rules and mainly bodies. We now use the same rules as the Swedish Slotracing Association, Sveslot.
It is likely that the performance drops. At least in the beginning before we learn how to set up the cars to these bodies.
Starting field Evening race 1
The starting field before qualifying


Torgny Lundmark was the only one below the four second mark and he turned at least seven laps that were better then the second man in qualifying. His qualifying time was 1/1000 of a second faster than his qualifying win in the last race 2005. Maybe these bodies can perform!
1. Torgny Lundmark   3,974
2. Lasse Åberg       4,085
3. Marcus Hammenstad 4,092

Top Qualifier. Torgny Lundmark
Top Qualifier, Torgny Lundmark

Results qualifying

Quarter finals

Quarter B was won by Mikael Leffler (ex. Eskilsson)

Quarter A saw Lasse Åberg win in front of a close battling Marcus Hammenstad, Michel Lorin and Torgny Lundmark. Only separated by one lap.

Results Quarter B and Quarter A

B Main

B Main. Mikael Leffler, Ove Halvarsson, Jens Andersson and Peter Lantz

Ove Halvarsson took the lead but after the second heat Mikael Leffler was on top where he stayed thanks to his good performance on all lanes. Ove came under threat by Peter Lantz but was able to take second place in the last heat.

1. Mikael Leffler       325,45
2. Ove Halvarsson       282,70
3. Peter Lantz          279,85
4. Jens Andersson        15    DNF

A Main

A main
A main. Lasse Åberg, Marcush Hammenstad, Michel Lorin and Torgny Lundmark

Torgny Lundmark started well and had the lead after heat one and heat two. Third heat saw Torgny on red lane which wasn't to his liking tonight. Lasse on blue was able to pull into the lead.
Lasse won in front of Torgny Lundmark with Michel Lorin in third and Marcus Hammenstad in fourth with a slow car (motor).

1. Lasse Åberg       338,70
2. Torgny Lundmark   332,40
3. Michel Lorin      327,85
4. Marcus Hammenstad 321,65

Winner of the first race, Lasse Åberg.

Results Main B, Main A
Total Results Main

1. Lasse Åberg       338,70
2. Torgny Lundmark   332,40
3. Michel Lorin      327,85
4. Mikael Leffler    325,45
5. Marcus Hammenstad 321,65
6. Ove Halvarsson    282,70
7. Peter Lantz       279,85
8. Jens Andersson     15 



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