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SSC Evening race #2, 21:st of February 2006

Photos by Torgny Lundmark

A small five driver field attended SSC's second saloon race for the 2006 season. 

The cars before qualifying
The starting field before qualifying


Torgny Lundmark was for the second race in a row top qualifier. Michel Lorin had a couple of good laps but none good enough for top spot.
1. Torgny Lundmark   3,909
2. Michel Lorin      3,952
3. Lasse Åberg       4,167

Results qualifying

Quarter finals

Since we were only five drivers we decided to race all five without any turn marshals. Instead we used a cordless keyboard to the race system. Each time you de-slotted you could turn the power off. Of course you loose a lot since you have to leave your controller to reach the keyboard.

We still drove Quarters just to get some more "mileage". The quarter was won by Michel Lorin.

Results  Quarter


After the first heat Mikael Leffler and Torgny Lundmark had taken the lead with Michel Lorin one lap back and Lasse Åberg two laps behind. Peter Lantz ran the first heat but retired in the second heat. The leading duo kept their  lead.

After the third heat, halfway, Torgny Lundmark had 165 followed by Mikael Leffler 164, Lasse Åberg 164 and Michel Lorin 163 who had got closer.
Torgny knew he would finish on red so he really wanted some extra laps.

In the fourth heat Michel was fast again but so was Torgny. In the lead Torgny 222, Mikael  and Michel 220 with Lasse on 218.
Fifth heat saw no change with Torgny on 278, Michel 277, Mikael 276 and Lasse 273.

Sixth and final heat. Red for Torgny and white for Michel. Side by side chasing for the win. Mikael was alone on his end on yellow which proved good.
When the last segment was over Mikael had been able to win from third place.

1. Mikael Leffler   332,85
2. Michel Lorin     332,40
3. Torgny Lundmark  331,05
4. Lasse Åberg      328,30
5. Peter Lantz       78,00

Mikael Leffler and Torgny Lundmark
Winner  Mikael Leffler and top qualifier Torgny Lundmark

Results  Main



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