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SSC Evening race #3, 7:th of March 2006

We were eight drivers who took on the battle in SSC's third saloon race. 


Last time race winner Mikael Leffler topped the qualifying followed by Michel Lorin and Torgny Lundmark.
Mikael Leffler
Top qualifier and tonight's tech director

1. Mikael Leffler    3,960
2. Michel Lorin      3,969
3. Torgny Lundmark   3,997

Results qualifying

Quarter finals

Quarterfinal B was won by Peter Lantz followed by Marcus Hammenstad, Jens Andersson and Mats Hummel.

The Quarterfinal A saw Michel Lorin win with just a few centimeters in front of Torgny Lundmark. Mikael Leffler was third and Lasse Åberg fourth. These four went to the Main A

Results  Quarter B  Quarter A

Main B

Main B
Mats Hummel. Marcus Hammenstad. Jens Andersson and Peter Lantz

Marcus Hammenstad took the lead but got passed by Jens Andersson in the second heat with Peter Lantz close behind. Mats Hummel decided to help out as race director instead of racing.
In the third heat Marcus stepped up the pace and took back the lead which he then held on to until the end.

1. Marcus Hammenstad 289,00
2. Jens Andersson    245,55
3. Peter Lantz       163,00
4. Mats Hummel         0,00

Main A

Main A
Mikael Leffler. Michel Lorin. Lasse Åberg. Torgny Lundmark

Lasse on orange took the lead one lap ahead of Mikael Leffler with Michel Lorin in third and Torgny Lundmark in fourth.
In the second heat Mikael and Michel both went fast. Lasse had to change gear and Torgny were on red. In the lead Mikael on 115, Michel 113, Lasse 112 and Torgny 107.

In the third heat Mikael lost some laps when he was on read and Michel took over the lead on 171 with Mikael and Lasse on 168 and Torgny 164.

Fourth heat.  Michel still in the lead 227 with Lasse 226, Mikael 221 closed followed by Torgny 220.

Fifth heat Michel was fast on orange and expanded his lead 285. Lasse 281. Mikael 278 and Torgny 272.

Before the last heat Lasse changed the gear as a precution. Michel went into a crash in the donut and bent a rear tire and quickly the pack behind saw the chance to advancement.

Lasse Åberg
Tonight's winner copying last race fast guys using a 7 teeth pinion

1. Lasse Åberg       336,90
2. Mikael Leffler    329,00
3. Torgny Lundmark   326,60
4. Michel Lorin      324,35

It was close that we would have had three different winner in the first three races in this season.

Total standings
1. Lasse Åberg       336,90
2. Mikael Leffler    329,00
3. Torgny Lundmark   326,60
4. Michel Lorin      324,35
5. Marcus Hammenstad 289,00
6. Jens Andersson    245,55
7. Peter Lantz       163,00
8. Mats Hummel         0,00

Results  Main A Main B
Total results



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