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SSC Evening race #4, 21:st of March 2006

We were six drivers who took on the battle in SSC's fourth saloon race.  This meant that we all drove the main.


Torgny Lundmark was the only one under four seconds in the qualifying..

1. Torgny Lundmark   3,995
2. Michel Lorin      4,011
3. Mikael Leffler    4,044

Results qualifying

Quarter finals

Since everyone could drive the main the quarterfinal was just a chance to try the car more and get some extra practice.
Fastest in the quarterfinal was Michel Lorin followed by Mikael Leffler and Lasse Åberg.

Results  Quarterfinal


Mikael Leffler took a two lap lead in the first heat and was then never beaten in a single heat regardless of which lane he was on. By doing that he won the main with a big margin.

Michel Lorin was fast as usual but hit a car that didn't want to start and broke his axle. He tried to change axle but the chassi had got bent so he retired in the third heat.

Torgny Lundmark and Lasse Åberg had an entertaining battle for third place.

1. Mikael Leffler    332,05
2. Lasse Åberg       319,25
3. Torgny Lundmark   318,85
4. Marcus Hammenstad 202,00 DNF
5. Michel Lorin      139,00 DNF
6. Peter Lantz        32,00 DNF

Lasse Åberg, Mikael Leffler, Torgny Lundmark
2:nd place Lasse Åberg. Winner Mikael Leffler. 3:rd place Torgny Lundmark

Main results

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